Monday, January 10, 2011

GenSoftReviews Presents its User's Choice Awards

I received this press release from Louis Kessler, owner of the Genealogy software Reviews website,

GenSoftReviews Presents its 2010 Users Choice Awards
Announcing the most liked genealogy programs for 2010.

January 10, 2011 -- GenSoftReviews has awarded its 2010 Users Choice Awards to the genealogy software that the users like best.

Genealogists have been coming to GenSoftReviews for over two years to review and rate their genealogy software. The site is located at:

With over 550 programs to choose from, it is not easy to pick what program is best to use for your family tree research. There is nothing better than to hear the opinions of others. At GenSoftReviews, people can search for the type of program they want or for a specific program they know of. They can then read reviews of others, and see how others rate each program on a one to five scale. Then they can feel free to add their own review and rating for the programs they use. The site is free to use and there is no registration needed to add your reviews.

After two years, over 720 reviews have been submitted. The end of year ratings for 2010 have now been tabulated and eight programs have been awarded a Users Choice Award. All the programs with a user rating of 4 or more out of 5 and at least 10 reviews are being awarded a GenSoftReviews Users Choice Award.

The 2010 winners
, ordered by highest rating are: RootsMagic, Brother's Keeper, The Next Generation, Genbox Family History, Legacy, Personal Ancestral File, Reunion and Family Tree Builder. The official awards page can be found at:

Seven of these programs are repeat winners and also received award in 2009. Genbox Family History is a new winner this year, having now attained the ten reviews and a score of 4 or more necessary to qualify.

"Everybody is different and has different needs" says Louis Kessler who developed and maintains the site. "Choosing a genealogy program is like choosing a vacation hotel. What's best for one person is not necessarily best for another person. So its great to see people using GenSoftReviews to help them decide on their genealogy tool, just like they'd use a travel site with user ratings to help them decide on a hotel."

Louis offers his congratulations to all the winners. "Their software is really liked by their users."


About Louis Kessler

Louis Kessler has been a genealogist and programmer for 35 years. He has published articles and given presentations on genealogy and is Past President of a regional Heritage Center. He started his Genealogy Software Links web page in 1997 and that morphed into the GenSoftReview site in 2008. Louis is also the developer of the genealogy program known as Behold that can be found at

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