Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Tree Maker 2011 can make an Ancestral Name List!

I've whined forever about Family Tree Maker genealogy software not being able to make a relatively simple ancestral name list (many call it an ahnentafel list, and FTM does too) - see Family Tree Maker Cannot Make an Ahnentafel List - Still! for the whine about FTM 2010.  Every other genealogy program that I've worked with has been able to make the ancestral name list (with just names, birth, death and marriage dates and places).

Now I can cross this whine off my list - because in Family Tree Maker 2011, it can do it!  Here's a screen shot of the start of my "Ahnentafel Report" that excludes the children (that was the bugaboo I had about earlier versions):

The key to making the ancestral name list without children is to click on the "Exclude children" box in the "Ahnentafel Report Options" panel to the right of the main panel. 

I've been working in FTM 2011 for the past month, but that's the first time I've seen the "Exclude children" box.  Thank you, Family Tree Maker!  This was one of my major problems with Family Tree Maker in previous versions.

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