Monday, February 21, 2011

I Wish I Had Swedish Ancestors! The Great Swedish Adventure

I received a lead to The Great Swedish Adventure from reader Kaisa Kyläkoski ( 

The Great Swedish Adventure is "searching for Americans with Swedish ancestry for a new reality TV-show, set to be filmed in Sweden!"  The site says:

"The Producers of the Swedish version of “American Idol” and “Minute to win it” are coming to the U.S. to find fun, outgoing Americans with Swedish ancestry to participate in their new reality television series “The Great Swedish Adventure.”

"Americans will travel to Sweden and participate in an exciting reality television series. Showcasing everyday Americans as they journey throughout Sweden to discover their land, roots and cultural heritage.
Meter Television is conducting a nationwide search for fun, outgoing and adventurous Americans with Swedish ancestry (even a little bit counts), with a burning desire to find their roots and see their motherland.

"Chosen participants will compete in extreme cultural challenges to discover their rich and fascinating roots while trying to win the grand prize; MEETING THEIR SWEDISH RELATIVES."


"Produced by Meter Television, who produces the Swedish version of 'American Idol,' and 'Minute to win it.' 'It’s sort of like ‘The Amazing Race’ with a ‘fish out of water’ hook,' says Christer Åkerlund, producer of the project."

You can apply on the Great Swedish Adventure website. 

Thank you, Kaisa, for the link.

I sure do wish I had Swedish ancestors!  My wife has Norwegian ancestry, as do my children, but close doesn't count in genealogy, I fear!  This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for researchers that have Swedish ancestry and want an expenses-paid trip to Sweden.

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There is à norwegian version