Tuesday, February 1, 2011

March 2011 Issue of Internet Genealogy Magazine

I received the link to my copy of Internet Genealogy magazine today, and, as usual, it is chock full of interesting articles and useful research tips. 

Here is the Table of Contents:

page 7 -- All Aboard! Top Sites for Railroad Records -  Janice Nickerson goes online in search of the best Internet resources for railroad research
page 13 -- Get Organized with Collectorz.org  - Lynn Cassity looks at a great website for cataloging your resources
page 14 -- Net Notes
page 16 -- Civil War Genealogical Resources, State by State  - David A. Norris takes an in-depth look at what’s available
page 22 - Walking in His Footsteps - Joan O’Neill chronicles her quest to document her immigrant father’s story
page 25 - Websites for Great Lakes Marine Genealogy -  Susanna De Groot, PLCGS, discusses online resources available for great lakes research
page 29 -- The Clans of the Scottish Highlands - Alan Stewart goes online in search of Scottish clan genealogy resources
page 33 -- G'Day Mate! Family History Down Under - Daniel M. Lynch looks at the online resources available for Australian genealogy research
page 37 -- Scanners and Scanning: A Review - Tony Bandy looks at the latest scanners available for the genealogist big and small!
page 42 -- Using Online Library Catalogs - Gena Phillibert Ortega looks at the online evolution of the humble card catalog
page 47 -- iPad and Your Genealogical Research -Tony Bandy looks at using Apple’s latest tech tool for your family history
page 52 -- Genealogical Society Announcements - A collection of upcoming genealogy-related events that may be of interest
page 54 -- Using Google Books - Cindy Thomson takes a quick look at one of Google’s most valuable resources

The most amazing story in this issue is, I think, Dan Lynch's article about Family History Down Under in Australia.  He recounts meeting a distant cousin from one of his ancestral villages in Italy by happenstance after putting an ancestor's surname in his presentation.  Dan also provides links to Australian websites and blogs.

Disclosure:  I am a paid subscriber of Internet Genealogy magazine, and like it.  I have not been remunerated in any way for writing this post.

Updated 12:30:  Edited the errors made by Blogger when it posted.  I can't get rid of some of the formatting that came over from the magazine.  It looked perfect when I posted it!


Jennifer Shoer said...

Thanks for the post about Internet Genealogy. Didn't realize they had gone digital. Just subscribed.

Unknown said...

Not sure where to ask a question on your blog. Then again, you may not be in the business of answering questions. Then again, you seem to know more about genealogy software than anyone I know. So.... I have an Ancestry.com tree. I also own FTM2010. The integration is pretty good. But...(it had to be coming)I want simple narrative notes about people's lives that are 1) visible to 'guests' on Ancestry.com (or possibly anyone) and 2) download ok to FTM and can be printed on a report. This doesn't seem to exist. Maybe some of your blog readers have ideas. General person notes on A.com are visible only to 'editors'. 'Comments' don't appear to download to FTM. I've thought of creating a new fact type called 'notes' - but that seems a little clunky if a better answer is available. Perhaps something new in FTM 2011? Thanks. Lenny

Unknown said...

And... an Ancestry.com 'Story' does not seem to be printable in a standard FTM report.