Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Internet Genealogy Magazine - April/May 2011 Issue

I received my PDF file for the April/May 2011 issue of Internet Genealogy magazine today, and thought I'd share the Table of Contents:

*  page 7:  Skype Your Genealogy! -- Lisa A. Alzo discusses five ways you can use Skype for your family history research

*  page 9:  Florida Memory Project: An Online Goldmine -- Tony Bandy goes online and examines a fantastic resource for family history research

*  page 13:  Genes Reunited -- Marian Press sings the praises of a unique genealogical website

*  page 16: Civil War Genealogical Resources, State by State: Part Two -- David A. Norris takes an in-depth look at the resources available for tracing your Civil War ancestors

*  page 20:  Jewish Transmigration to a Promised Land --  Melody Amsel Arieli looks at online resources for tracing your Jewish ancestors

*  page 24:  Turning Online Genealogy Data Entry into an Application --  According to Howard Burdick, a little ingenuity, and a lot of data, goes a long way!

*  page 31 -- Almanac and Annual Reviews -- David A. Norris looks at a treasure trove of genealogical information

*  page 33: Scandinavian Roots and FamilySearch -- Margaret H. Strand examines a great resource for tracing your Scandinavian ancestors

*  page 37 -- Are You Ready For the 1940 Census? -- Daniel M. Lynch looks at the eagerly awaited release of the 16th census for the United States of America

*  page 40:  Vital Records at Your Fingertips -- Donna Murray shows you where to find vital records online

*  page 42:  Using Upper Canada Land Petitions for Research -- Guylaine Petrin looks at the latest online release from Library and Archives Canada

*  page 47:  Five Ways to Use social Media to Find Your Family -- Gena Philibert Ortega shows you how to use people to power your genealogy research

*  page 50:  Cool Tools For Publishing Your Family History -- Lisa A. Alzo discusses some online resources to help get your family’s story into print

*  page 54:  Office of Coast Survey -- David A. Norris examines the latest resources available from this little-known site

This issue had several excellent articles that I've printed out for my "how-to" research files, and to share at the CVGS Research Group in two weeks.

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Linda Gartz said...

I'm intrigued by several titles in this issue! I'll be reading for a while now. thanks.