Friday, April 1, 2011

New or Updated FamilySearch Historical Collections in March

I last listed the new or updated collections on the FamilySearch Historical Collections website on 3 March, when there were 561 collections on the list.  Since then, these Historical Record Collections have been added or updated to make a total of 584 collections:
In the list above, I was able to identify many of the collections as newly added or a previously existing collection.  When FamilySearch sends their email notifications to interested parties, they have started identifying whether they are new or previously existing collections.  I appreciate that!   I don't have to guess now!  Or spend time looking for some indication of them (like in past website images). 

There are 57 items on the list above, but only 23 were newly added databases since 3 March.  All FamilySearch Historical Record Collections can be accessed at  You can see which collections were recently added or updated by clicking on the "Last Updated" link.

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