Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Genealogy Book

Hey genea-bodies - it's Saturday Night - time for more Genealogy Fun!!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1)  Find the last genealogy book that you have read cover-to-cover or from which you learned something about genealogy.  Write a complete source citation, and transcribe the first paragraph of the Introduction.

2)  Tell us about it in a blog post of your own, in a comment on this blog post, or in a Facebook status or post.

Here's mine:

Michael O. Varhola, Life in Civil War America (Cincinnati, Ohio : Family Tree Books, 2010).

Introduction (page 12):

"Could you have Civil War veterans in your family tree? Now, a century-and-a-half since that great conflict, it has never been easier to start researching your Blue or Gray soldier ancestor.  Not only can you search for the basic facts of his military service, you also can delve into the details of his regiment and battles he may have fought in, trace the unit's movements on historical maps, and perhaps even find an image of him with his comrades.  Pension files and other records could provide long-sought details about your soldier's spouse and children, helping you win your own battle to understand your family's past."

UPDATED 2:30 p.m. to expand the qualifications a bit.


Anonymous said...

Here is my submission:

Gtownma's Genealogy

Anonymous said...

Tips for Queensland Research. Judy Webster, Brisbane, 2008. ISBN 978-1-875333-22-6.

This book (an updated and expanded edition) gives information about selected sources for family history research in Queensland, plus practical hints based on my own experience with many of those sources. The emphasis is on records held at Qld State Archives, as that is my area of expertise. I have also referred to some items that are held elsewhere, and some published indexes that will be in libraries but (in most cases) not at Qld State Archives. Unless otherwise specified, references in square brackets are Qld State Archives location numbers.

Jen Smart said...

Here's my book - Thanks!

Sassy Jane Genealogy said...

Definitely haven't read it cover-to-cover, but I'm really happy with The German Research Companion. It covers Austria, too, for which I am grateful.