Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Use Barbara Renick's ZRoots Site

Today's Tuesday's Tip is:  Use online link collections, like Barbara Renick's ZRoots site (http://www.zroots.com/)  to find new online resources.

Here is the home page of Barbara's site:

There are link buttons on the home page for:

Links - Barbara's link collection (more on this below)
*  Schedule - Barbara's speaking schedule
OFHC - Orange Family History Center information
Notes - Barbara's lecture notes
My Surnames - Barbara's own surname research list, with locations

The Links page is one of the gems - here is the top of the page:

There are five columns on this page - for Genealogy Sites, Search and Travel, Tools, Organization and Indices, and Library Links.  These are links that Barbara uses all the time, and are an excellent start for searching for records and information.

The bonus on Barbara's site is the lecture notes.   Not every one of her lectures is listed here, but some of them are and you can learn quite a bit about subjects she's spoken about.

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