Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jamboree Geneabloggers - MyHeritage Free PremiumPlus Membership is Valid until 20 June

I finally took some time to dig through the Geneabloggers and SCGS Jamboree Welcome Bags on Friday, and found the MyHeritage Family Tree Builder 5.0 software gift included a Free one-year PremiumPlus Membership on the website.  There is a "gift code" on the CDROM case for you to enter when you create, or upgrade (if you already have) your MyHeritage account. 

The Free PremiumPlus Membership offer expires on Monday, 20 June 2011 (I'm not sure if that is Israel time or your home time).  If you want to take advantage of this free gift, I suggest that you pursue it quickly!

I went to and easily upgraded my "Seaver Web Site" to the PremiumPlus Membership using the gift code.  My home page indicated that I had a PremiumPlus membership.  A PremiumPlus membership entitles a user to an unlimited number of persons in their tree.

I installed Family Tree Builder 5.0 from the CDROM on my desktop computer, and it upgraded the version to, released in May 2011.

The major new feature added to Version 5.1 over Version 5.0 is:

*  The program's file importer was enhanced. In addition to importing GEDCOM files and Family Tree Legends (FTL) files, you can now directly import family tree files from 4 additional genealogy programs. This allows you to move over family tree data with photos from other programs directly to Family Tree Builder without losing information or going through GEDCOM export/import. This is especially useful if you no longer have or are no longer using the software used to produce the family tree files.

Support was added for importing Family Tree Maker files (FTW, FTM or FTMB file extensions), Personal Ancestral File files (PAF extension), Legacy files (FDB extension) and The Master Genealogist projects (TMG, PJC or VER extensions). Importing family tree files directly from other programs is based on GenBridge(tm) technology under license from Wholly Genes, Inc. This new functionality is available from the "Import GEDCOM or genealogy file" entry in the File menu

*  New super-fast scan tool was added for finding lost genealogy files on your computer. Also available from the "Import GEDCOM or genealogy file" entry in the File menu, you can have Family Tree Builder scan your computer for all family tree files (of different programs) and then select which one to import into Family Tree Builder

Since I had my most recent database in RootsMagic 4, I imported a GEDCOM file into Family Tree Builder.  That occurred easily, and I tested a few features.

After I did that, I wanted to export my tree from Family Tree Builder 5.1 on my desktop to the MyHeritage website.  My understanding was that I could do that from within Family Tree Builder 5.1.  I went to Publishing > Publish Now in FTB, and the upload of the file started quickly.  However, after a few seconds, I got a popup window titled "Family Site Tree Quota" that noted that I had more than 2,500 persons in my FTB database and I needed to Upgrade my family site to enable loading all 39,904 persons in my database. 

I cancelled the upload, and wondered if I really had a PremiumPlus membership.

Plan B was to upload the same GEDCOM file directly into the MyHeritage website.  I did that, and all 39,904 persons uploaded fairly quickly.  So it is a PremiumPlus membership, but an apparent glitch in the interface between Family Tree Builder and the website. 

I'll report more on both Family Tree Builder 5.1 software and the MyHeritage website as time permits.  The software has some interesting features, including, apparently, a synchronization between the software and the website.  I am especially interested in how the software treats sources, and how the website treats sources, especially those transferred via a GEDCOM upload.

Thank you to the MyHeritage team for the gift PremiumPlus one-year membership and for the free Family Tree Builder 5.1 software.

Disclosure:  I received no remuneration for writing this post.  I did receive a fee PremiumPlus one-year membership, and a Family Tree Builder 5.0 software CDROM, as part of the Geneabloggers Welcome Gift Bag at the SCGS Jamboree.

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Your Genetic Genealogist said...

Thanks for the reminder, Randy. I kept meaning to do that all weekend and still hadn't. Your post was the push I needed to get it done! I did not have a membership and was able to obtain the free Premium Plus Membership quite easily. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder, Randy. I saw the expiration date, and then promptly DIDN'T install the software. Doing it now!

Your Genetic Genealogist said...

PS - I had the same problem you did with uploading my gedcom to the site, however I was unable to resolve the problem, so I emailed support.