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Treasure Chest Thursday - Georgianna (Kemp) Auble's Death Certificate

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to find another artifact or document in my ancestral image collection and try to learn more from it.

This week, it's the death certificate for my great-grandmother, Georgianna (Kemp) Auble (1868-1952), wife of Charles Auble (1849-1916).

The information on this death certificate (a Certificate of Death, the official record of the State of California, Department of Health Services, obtained from the San Diego County Recorder's office on 16 March 1992):

*  Decendent Personal Data:

1a. Name of Deceased =  Georgia Kemp Auble
2a.  Date of Death = November 8, 1952, 7:45 a.m.
3. Sex = Female;
4.  Race = White
5.  Marital status = Widowed
6.  Date of Birth: Aug. 4, 1868;
7.  Age = 84
8a.  Usual Occupation = Housewife;
8b.  Kind of Business = Home
9.   Birthplace = Canada;
10. Citizen of what country = U.S.A.
11. Name/birthplace of Father = James A. Kemp, Canada;
12.  Maiden Name/birthplace of Mother = Melissa Wilson, Canada;
13. Name of Present Spouse = Widowed.
14.  Was Deceased in Armed Forces? = No;
15.  Social Security Number = None;
16.  Informant = Emily K. Carringer

*  Place of Death: 

17a.  County = San Diego;
17b. City or town = San Diego;
17c. Length of Stay = 41 years;
17d.  Full Name of Hospital or Institution = San Diego County Hospital;
17e. Address = No. Front Street

*  Last Place of Residence: 

18a. State = Calif.;
18b. County = San Diego;
18c. City or Town = San Diego;
18d. Street Address = 825 Harbor View Place

*  Physician's or Coroner's Certification: 

19a. Coroner = Autopsy;
19b. Signature:  A.E. Gallagher, Coroner;
19c. Address: Land Title Bldg.;
19d. Date Signed = 11/12/52

*  Funeral Director and Registrar: 

20a. Cremation or Burial = Cremation;
20b.  Date = 11/12/52;
20c.  Cemetery or Crematory = Cypress View Crematory;
21.  Signature of Embalmer = William R. Scott; License Number = 4085;
22.  Funeral Director = Benbough Mortuary;
23.  Date Received by Local Registrar = Nov 12 1952;
24.  Signature of Local Registrar = J.B. Askew, M.D.

*  Cause of Death:

25.  Disease or Condition Directly Leading to Death = Pathology Pending; Antecedent Causes, Due To = Acute myocardial failure, Generalized arteriosclerosis

*  Other Significant Conditions:

26.  Conditions contributing to the Death but not Related to the Disease or condition Causing Death = Fracture of right hip non-contributory to the death

*  Operations:

27a.  Date of Operation =
27b.  Major Findings of Operation =
28.  Autopsy = Yes

*  Death due to External Violence:

29a.  Type of Violence = Accident
29b.  Place of Injury = Home
29c.  Location = 825 Harbor View Place, San Diego, Cal.
29d.  Time of Injury = 10-28-52, 7:30 p.m. not while at home
29e.  How did injury occur? = Fell on rug.

They sure packed a lot of information into that death certificate, didn't they?  It is an absolute boon to genealogy researchers! 

The only errors that I noted were her own given name and her mother's maiden name.  Georgia's first name was Georgianna according to family records, and her mother's maiden name was Mary Jane Sovereen, who died in 1874.  Melissa Wilson was the second wife of James A. Kemp. and raised Georgianna after her mother's death.

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