Friday, August 26, 2011

FGS 2011 Conference - my Friday, 9 September Selections

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) 2011 Conference, "Pathways to the Heartland," is September 7 to 10 in Springfield, Illinois. I'm looking forward to attending and being an Official Blogger.

The program schedule is at I decided that I'd better think about the presentations I want to attend. Here's my list for Friday, 9 September:

*  8 a.m.: F-304: After Mustering Out: Researching Civil War Veterans -- Amy Johnson Crow.  From veteran groups to soldiers home records, the post-war period has countless resources for us to explore. This lecture will examine many types of sources created by and about Civil War veterans.

*  9:30 a.m.: F-311: Navigating the 1890 Gap: Research with State Census Records--- Kris W. Rzepczynski.  Given the near-total loss of the 1890 U.S. Census, state census records frequently serve as an effective substitute. This program will explore these underutilized resources, focusing primarily on the available schedules from across the United States from that time period.

*  11 a.m.: F-316: Wisconsin: History and Resources for Genealogists -- Rev. Dr. David McDonald.  Anglo settlers came to Wisconsin in search of mineral wealth beginning in the 1820s. After 1850, a large influx of Norwegians and Germans, later followed by Belgians and Poles, made Wisconsin their home. An examination of repositories, records and their locations.

*  2 p.m.:  F-333: Using "Correlation" to Reveal Facts that No Record States -- Thomas Jones.  Attendees will learn how to compare and contrast information from related sources to reveal information, relationships, and identities that no single source specifies.

*  3:30 p.m.:  F-342: Avoiding Pitfalls in New England Research -- Rhonda R. McClure.  A look at various major record types for New England pointing out some of the idiosyncrasies that create pitfalls that researchers don't expect.

*  5 p.m.:  F-350: Lessons from a Snoop: Collaterals and Associates -- Debra S. Mieszala.  Crucial information on direct ancestors is often found by exploring collateral relatives, associates, and neighbors. Case studies present examples of invaluable finds.

*  6:30 p.m.: F-353: FGS 35th Anniversary Celebration -- Harold Holzer.  An evening celebrating the Federation of Genealogical Societies' 35th Anniversary, featuring a look into the past and future of FGS, dinner, and "The Lincoln Family Album," by noted Lincoln scholar, Harold Holzer.

I'm sure that I'll wander through the Exhibit Hall several times during the day talking to vendors, providers and friends.  I'll also camp out a bit at the Media Hub, where there will be Internet connections for Official bloggers, of which I am one.

Paula Stuart-Warren has been publicizing FGS Conference activities on the FGS Conference News Blog for several months.  See that blog for more information.  I was chagrined to learn in Miscellanous Conference Tips, Part 3 that attendees cannot use extension cords for their electronic in the meeting rooms.  I guess I'll have to take notes the old-fashioned way.  RootsMagic is sponsoring a CyberCafe where attendees can charge their devices, check email and the web, and print out syllabus pages (is there a charge?).

Disclosure:  I am an Official Blogger for this FGS Conference, and have had my conference registration comped.  One of my duties as an Official Blogger is to write stories leading up to and during the FGS Conference in order to publicize the event.


RootsMagic said...

There is no charge for anything at the RootsMagic Cyber Cafe.

geneabloggers said...

Hey Randy - the Media Hub will have dedicated power strips and electrical outlets to charge items as well.