Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New FamilySearch Historical Collections - July 2011

I last listed the new or updated collections on the FamilySearch Historical Collections website on 3 July, when there were 665 collections on the list. Since then, these Historical Record Collections have been added to make a total of 683 collections as of today:

Update 3 August:  The links below don't work for the individual collections for some reason.  Please go to the general Historical Collection link and use the Search field to find the collection of interest:
In the list above, I tried to identify many of the collections as newly added by comparing them to last months listing. When FamilySearch sends their email notifications to interested parties, they are identifying whether they are new or previously existing collections.

There are 20 items on the list above, but only 18 newly added databases since 3 July, so I have some updated ones that I didn't catch. Oh well! I will update the list as I receive information about the new databases.

All FamilySearch Historical Record Collections can be accessed at https://www.familysearch.org/s/collection/list. You can see the date that collections were recently added or updated by clicking on the "Last Updated" link.


Root Digger said...
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Root Digger said...

Removed last Post...I was saying thank you for keeping up and posting the new databases available to other genealogists. I am interested in Superior court database of North Carolina.

Kaisa Kyläkoski said...

Direct links to collections don't seem to work. (Last time I commented in this blog, my text vanished. Let's see what happens this time.)

Geolover said...

Thank you for the updates, Randy. As for links not working, today the Historical Records section and Library Catalog segment appear to have had computer glitches (maybe just all in the search engine). Maybe a try tomorrow would bear fruit.

Bellamy Roots said...


The above links are configured incorrectly.
Remove the "file:///" first section of the path and replace with "https://www.familysearch.org/"