Friday, September 2, 2011

FGS 2011 Conference - my Saturday, 10 September Selections

The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) 2011 Conference, "Pathways to the Heartland," is September 7 to 10 in Springfield, Illinois. I'm looking forward to attending and being an Official Blogger.

The program schedule is at I decided that I'd better think about the presentations I want to attend. Here's my list for Saturday, 10 September:

*  8 a.m.:  S-404: The Parish, by Audrey Collins -- The basic unit of administration throughout most of the British Isles: there is a lot more to it than just baptisms, marriages and burials

*  9:30 a.m.:  S-410: Porkopolis to Bonanza Farms: Midwest Historical Geography for Genealogists, by J. H. Fonkert -- Natural resources, transportation and technology shaped the settlement of migrating Americans and immigrants in the Midwest. Learn how the pivotal role of Chicago as the Midwest developed, from Cincinnati on the Ohio to the Bonanza farms of Dakota.

*  11 a.m.:  S-419: Discovering the Goldmine of Knowledge in Court Records, by Anne Roach -- Learn how to locate court records that are often overlooked, but may be full of vital record information, biographical details, or information that isn't available anywhere else!

*  2 p.m.:  S-432: Online, On Microfilm, And In Print: Finding Ancestors in Newspapers, by James L. Hansen -- Newspapers are vitally useful sources, often including details recorded nowhere else. This lecture will discuss what can be found in newspapers (in whatever form/format), how to identify and track them down, and how to search them most effectively and efficiently.

*  3:30 p.m.:  S-441: U.S. Census Agricultural Schedules: Placing Your Farming Ancestor in Context, by George G. Morgan -- The 1840 through 1910 U.S federal censuses included an Agricultural Schedule. It details your ancestor's farm including crops, livestock, timber, mining, and production of commodities such as honey, butter, and eggs. Learn how to find and use these insightful documents.

*  5 p.m.:  S-452: How Mature are you (Genealogically)?, by Robert Raymond -- You will learn an easy system to rate your own genealogical skill level and identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will learn a simple framework for improvement using Genealogical Maturity Levels. After attending this class you will have the knowledge you need to become a better genealogist.

I'm sure that I'll wander through the Exhibit Hall several times during the day talking to vendors, providers and friends. I'll also camp out at the Media Hub, where there will be Internet connections for Official Bloggers, of which I am one.

Paula Stuart-Warren has been publicizing FGS Conference activities on the FGS Conference News Blog for several months. See that blog for more information. I was chagrined to learn in Miscellaneous Conference Tips, Part 3 that attendees cannot use extension cords for their electronic in the meeting rooms. I guess I'll have to take notes the old-fashioned way. RootsMagic is sponsoring a CyberCafe where attendees can charge their devices, check email and the web, and print out syllabus pages (is there a charge?).

Disclosure: I am an Official Blogger for this FGS Conference, and have had my conference registration comped. One of my duties as an Official Blogger is to write stories leading up to and during the FGS Conference in order to publicize the event.

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