Friday, September 16, 2011

Follow Friday - Weekend Genealogy Fun

Here are my recommendations for Genealogy Fun this weekend:

1) Listen to Geneabloggers Radio tonight (Friday night, 10 p.m. ET, 9 p.m. CT, 8 p.m. MT and 7 p.m. PT) hosted by Thomas MacEntee. This week's topic is  " Ancestors in Place – Genealogy, History and Context."  The special guests include:

Jane E Wilcox of the “Your Ancestors Want Their Stories To Be Told” radio show on Blog Talk Radio. Jane will discuss why it is so important to understand your ancestors in the proper context and in their own history.
*  Professional genealogist, author and genealogy educator Lisa Alzo about the various tools you can use to incorporate history into your family history research and writing.

2) Listen to the FGS Radio - My Society show on Saturday (2 p.m. ET, 1 p.m. CT, 12 noon MT, 11 a.m. PT) hosted by Thomas MacEntee this week. The topic is " Technology by the Bowlful for Non-Profits."  The  special guests are:

Ricci Powers, National Accounts Manager at TechSoup.Org. Ricci will explain how works and how your non-profit society can reap the benefits of this amazing technology program.
*  We will highlight the The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania in our weekly Society Spotlight feature.

3) Check out the recent Webinars on:
Exploring and by their founder, Paul Allen.
Facebook for Genealogists, by Thomas MacEntee (free until 26 September 2011).
Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Census Record, by Geoff Rasmussen (free until 19 September 2011
* "Newspapers for Genealogists: Using to document every day of your ancestors' lives" with Tom Kemp.
* "Organizng for Success" with Karen Clifford (available free indefinitely from Legacy Family Tree)
* "The Power of DNA in Unlocking Family Relationships," with Ugo Perugo (available indefinitely from Legacy Family Tree)
* "Leveraging the Power of "We": a Watershed Event in Discovering Where to Find Your Ancestors (Research Wiki, Research Courses, and FamilySearch Forums)," with Michael Ritchey (available from Legacy Family Tree).
* RootsMagic Webinars (all free) available at
* National Genealogical Society (NGS) Videos (free to view) at
Thomas MacEntee's Explorinar on Easy Website Creation (free to view).
Thomas MacEntee's Explorinar on Evernote - Easy Note Taking UPDATED (free to view)

4) Respond to my Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge, posted on soon after 12 noon Pacific time (that's 1900 GMT for those who understand time zones).

5) Go to a local genealogical society program, or go to a library or repository with genealogical resources.  I'm on the road this weekend doing research in Wisconsin, but you can go to your local society program!

6) Add material (names, dates, places, notes, images, sources, etc.) to your genealogy software program. I can't do that this weekend, but you can.  Would you do some for me too?

7) Spend time with your family doing fun things.  

8)  Go to a local cemetery and clean stones, take gravestone pictures, or transcribe epitaphs for your local society, for Find-a-Grave, or a similar online service.

Whatever you decide, please tell us about your genealogy endeavors on a social network or in a blog post. You never know when your experiences may stimulate or encourage others to do useful genealogy work.

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