Friday, November 18, 2011

My Interview with The Passionate Genealogist

One of the really fun times at the 2011 Federation of Genealogy Societies Conference in Springfield, Illinois (see The Seaver Family History Mystery Tour Compendium for daily accounts) was meeting many more genealogy bloggers in person and talking with them.

Ruth Blair, who writes The Passionate Genealogist blog, asked if she could do an audio interview with me, and we sat down in the Blogger Lounge, on the comfortable couches provided by FamilySearch, and she asked me a series of questions about my genealogy journey.  The 16 minute interview can be heard on Ruth's blog post, Interview with Randy Seaver, posted today.

The questions posed by Ruth included:

1)  When did you first start recording your Family History?

2)  What was the catalyst that got you started?

3)  What countries are your ancestors from?

4)  What is your favorite part of family history research?

5)  What was the most surprising discovery in your family history?

6)  What is your most frustrating research problem?

7)  What is the most satisfying research problem?

8)  How do you organize your family data and ephemera?

9)  What would be your best tip for someone starting out in genealogy?

Please listen to the interview to hear my answers!!  Ruth did an excellent job of keeping the ball rolling here, and I was my typical prolix self genea-babbling away.

Thank you to Ruth Blair for taking the time to sit with me, ask interesting questions and for posting the interview.  I enjoyed meeting Ruth and her colleague, Louise St. Denis at their National Institute of Genealogical Studies booth at the FGS Conference.

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Ruth Blair said...

Thanks Randy, I enjoyed our interview and hearing the stories of your family history journey.