Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 179: The Voss, Norway Church

I'm finished with photographs from our Midwestern vacation. I scanned some photographs from our 1999 trip to Scandinavia, including a visit to Oslo and Voss in Norway. I am posting some of these photos.

This is a photograph of the entrance to the church in downtown Voss, Norway:

Voss is one of the 33 principalities in Hordaland in western Norway, and is the parish (prestegjeld in Norwegian) where Linda's Leland ancestors came from.  It extends over a fairly large area, and apparently had two other churches, one to the west in Evanger and one to the north in Vinje.  The church records for Voss were the primary source for most of the records I have for the vital records of the persons in Linda's Voss ancestry.

Svein Ulvund's website (  has over ten years of daily photographs from the area in and around Voss.  I found his site in 1999 before our trip to Scandinavia and met him when we visited in August of 1999.  Unfortunately, the days we were in Voss had cloudy and rainy weather, so my pictures are nowhere near the quality of Svein's photographs.

Svein has an informational page about Voss at but the Family Genealogy link doesn't work at this time.

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