Friday, February 24, 2012

My Fold3 Subscription was Discounted Because I have an Subscription

When my Fold3 subscription expired in late December 2011, I checked their website for a "special" subscription rate, and did not find one.  So I subscribed for the full price of $79.95.

During January, Fold3 offered a substantial subscription discount, but I didn't pursue it at the time because I was busy.  someone told me (I think on Facebook) that I could get a discounted Fold3 subscription if I had an subscription.  Then I asked the question in my questions for at RootsTech and Ancestry responded (in Answers to Questions from that:

"Since Fold3 was acquired by Ancestry over a year ago, we have been offering Fold3 memberships to paying Ancestry subscribers for 50% off.  We have continuously run ads on Ancestry for logged in paying subscribers giving them a 50% off link, and in December Ancestry sent an email to all paying subscribers making them aware of the 50% off option for Fold3 memberships.  Any paying Ancestry member who contacts Fold3 will currently be able to get Fold3 for $39.95 instead of $79.95."

Somehow, I had missed all of the hints!  So, today I remembered this and went to the Help page at and sent a message asking if I could have my $40 refunded (or my subscription extended for another year).  Within an hour I had an email from Fold3 saying that they would refund the $40 to my credit card.

Cool.  Hassle free.  Just ask.  Fast.  Thank you, and  

If you have an subscription and want to subscribe to Fold3, please go look for the notice on  I've looked for ten minutes, even did a site search, and could not find this information, or a way to do it.  I'm guessing that you can call at 1-800-613-0181 (Monday–Friday, 9am–4pm Mountain Time ) to inquire and subscribe.  

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Margel said...

Great information Randy.

Also, at the last FGS convention in Springfield, IL Fold3 was offering a special yearly rate of $39.95. Just another benefit of attending a genealogy convention. I signed up then . . . but did I need a subscription to Ancestry??? My memory fails me.


Lynn said...

My subscription to Fold3 also expired in December 2011. I just couldn't afford the price of a renewal so didn't. I saw no special offer, discount, etc. Must be a secret...

Geolover said...

I looked on for notice of the discount and did not find it. I have been a continuously paying subscriber for years and did not receive any notification (such as the asserted email) from about the discount. On the other hand, I frequently receive messages saying I should subscribe, should buy their genealogy software program, should use their extremely sparse selection of records concerning Ireland, or should take advantage of the one-day free access to the 1930 US Census (which access comes with my paid sub).

Evidently their email advertising programme does not differentiate between contact information for paying subscribers and for others.
Perhaps they still have the same problem they had with sending the monthly newsletter by email - many site subscribers who wanted it did not receive it.

Ginger said...

I was able to get the Fold3 discount last year when it was offered through I noticed just last Monday that NewspaperARCHIVE was offering a 30% discount to Fold3 subscribers. At the rate they are going, we should all be able to get multiple discounts all the subscription sites.

Ginger Smith said...

I have not seen a Fold3 discount on my page either. Must be a secret.

tamror said...

I found the discount today. On the Ancestry home page right side there is an advertisement. Keep hitting Refresh and the Fold3 add with link appears. You get it for $39.95.

Unknown said...

I have had both subscriptions at full price since they merged, but just barely sent a request for a refund of the extra paid. Obviously, I should have been more pro-active because this is the response:

"Thank you for the email, I can not refund any amount due to the amount of time that has passed since the transaction. I can extend your account a year so that it will be two years for $39.95 each year.
Fold3 Support"

At least I guess this means that I get next year at no additional cost so that I only lost my %50 in 2011.