Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The New "Who Was There" Report in RootsMagic 5

After the announcement of Version 5.0.3 of RootsMagic yesterday, I noted that it had a new report - a "Who Was There" report that could be tailored for a specific date and location.  This is, of course, very timely for the release of the 1940 U.S. Census on Monday, 2 April.

I decided to take the new report for a spin.  Here was my process:

1)  From any view, click on the "Reports" menu and select "Lists:"

2)  Scroll down on the "Lists" in the "Create a Report" window and select the "Who Was There" item:

3)  The "Who Was There" List window opened, and I added to the fields:

*  Find people who may have lived in this place:  "Leominster, Massachusetts"
*  On this date (or during this time period):  1 April 1940
*  Life span (average):  "100"
*  Filters - People to Include:  "Everyone" selected
*  Minimum Age:  "0"
*  Maximum Age:  "100"
*  Checked "Print married name on date"
*  Unchecked "Print alternate names"
*  Unchecked "Reverse place names"
*  Checked "Draw lines between rows"
*  Unchecked "Print preparer's information"

4)  Click on "Generate Report" button:

After about 90 seconds, a six page report was created (41,300 person file).   The column headings are Name, Born, Died, Age, and Place.  The Place information includes every item on the Fact list that has the place name.  I can save or print this report off so that I can use it to find these persons in the 1940 U.S. Census or in a 1940 City Directory for Leominster.  The names are in alphabetical order (by birth name, not married name).

Since I requested everyone in my database, the program checked every person to see if they had a mention of Leominster, Massachusetts in their Fact list.  Note that there are listings for persons for whom I have only a birth or marriage record back into the mid-1800s.  Since I have no death date for some of these persons, and they fall within the 100 year age limit I specified, they are on this list.

Note that Bruce Buzbee has posted about this "Who Was There" report in RootsMagic’s New “Who Was There” Report.

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