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CVGS Program on 25 April - Dr. Steven Baird: Terms for Causes of Death

The April 25th Program meeting of the Chula Vista Genealogical Society will be held at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library (365 F Street) in the Auditorium, starting at 12 Noon.  

The program features Dr. Steven Baird on the subject of “Modern Terminology for Diseases and Causes of Death on Certificates.” 

Dr. Baird will discuss some medical terminology and diseases lumped together in olden times that are differentiated today.  He will also explain a few diseases to which some ethnicities are predisposed.  There will be an emphasis on the health, politics and world history with regard to the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.  You will receive a handout of many diseases and their definitions (old and new) and most likely a song or two to illustrate his topic.

Dr. Stephen Baird graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biology and Stanford University School of Medicine.  He is an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pathology at UCSD School of Medicine.  He received the highly respected Distinguished Teaching Award from the University of California's San Diego Division of the Academic Senate, the UCSD Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, as well as three UCSD Medical School's Kaiser Teaching Awards. 

Dr. Baird's research interests are in lymphomas and leukemias but he has also spent a good deal of time studying creation stories, Biblical and modern, as well as the genetics of human diseases and the genetic variations found in all modern human beings.  His interests in genealogy relate to how family trees could be used to study inheritance of various traits, both normal and disease processes.  

Based on his love of music and science, he has written many scientific folk songs, now performed on CDs. His newest endeavor consists of 35 ballads written about his family's migration from Europe to America encompassing the years from William the Conqueror up to the present!  He has been known to sing his own compositions and play his guitar to illustrate the salient points of each lecture.

The meeting will include a short business meeting before the presentation.  Snacks and drinks will be provided before and after the meeting at the back of the Auditorium.  

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