Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If I Was Going to the NGS Conference...

I will not be attending the National Genealogical Society Conference in Cincinnati this week.  I will miss communing with my geneablogging colleagues and readers, but I know that they will ably "show and tell" their stories from the Conference.

The conference presentation schedule is provided in PDF format at http://www.ngsgenealogy.org/galleries/new-gallery/NGS_Schedule.pdf.

If I was going, and if I attended a session in each time slot (I usually don't!), I probably would have attended:

1)  Wednesday, 9 May:

*  11 a.m.:  "Strategies for Finding 'Unfindable' Ancestors," by Thomas W. Jones

*  2:30 p.m.:  "Genealogical Research: Are You a Saint, Sinner or Bumfuzzled Soul?" by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

*  4 p.m.:  "Military Bounty Lands: A Rich Resource" by Rick Sayre

2)  Thursday, 10 May:

*  8 a.m.:  "Lies and Sins of Omission" by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens

*  9:30 a.m.:  "Utilizing Social Networks for Genealogy Research" by Thomas MacEntee

*  11 a.m.:  "One Family, Two Countries, Three States: A Case Study" by Diane L. Giannini

*  2:30 p.m.:  "Pension Research: You Stopped Too Soon" by Craig Roberts Scott

*  4 p.m.:  "Assumptions: A Genealogical Slippery Slope" by Claire Bettag

3)  Friday, 11 May:

*  8 a.m.:  "Okay, I 'Got the Neighbors:' Now What Do I Do With Them?" by Elizabeth Shown Mills

*  9:30 a.m.:  "Tracking Pennsylvania Ancestors: Keys to Successful Research" by Kay Haviland Freilich

*  11 a.m.:  "Advanced Probate Research" by Michael LeClerc

*  2:30 p.m.:  "Taking the 'Awe" Out of the Law Library" by Debbie Mieszala

*  4 p.m.:  "How to Be a Bad Genealogist" by William B. Saxbe, Jr.

4)  Saturday, 12 May:

*  8 a.m.:  "Westward Migration from New England" by David Allen Lambert

*  9:30 a.m.:  "Taking Your Genealogy With You: Mobile apps" by Jordan Jones

*  11 a.m.:  "Should You Believe Your Eyes? Sizing Up Your Sources" by Laura Murphy DeGrazia

*  2:30 p.m.:  "Solutions for Missing or Scarce Records" by Thomas W. Jones

*  4 p.m.:  "Enough is Enough: Or is It?" by Pamela Boyer Sayre

There are, of course, many more sessions of interest.  It's difficult to choose between them sometimes.

I sure wish that I could obtain a copy of the syllabus.  Perhaps NGS will sell extra hard copies, or even better, CDs of the syllabus.

Copyright (c) 2012, Randall J. Seaver

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Unknown said...

I'm not attending NGS either. Good idea to go through the schedule though because there might be sessions I'll want to order on tape! I'm with you, Randy, in hoping NGS will make the syllabus available to us on CD.