Friday, May 11, 2012

Vacation Day - Friday, 11 May

I doubt that we'll be up bright and early this morning - I hope that we can sleep in some to defeat the jet lag from departing Wednesday evening and arriving Thursday evening.

However, we have plans for our only sightseeing day in Oslo.  Geneablogger Torill Johnsen is meeting us in the afternoon and we will go sightseeing, perhaps at the Viking Ship Museum or the Kon-Tiki Museum, or another cultural attraction in Oslo.

Here is a photo of the Viking Ship Museum:

After touring, we will go to dinner with Torill and perhaps do more sightseeing after dinner.

This may be a relatively early night for us, since we board the cruise ship on Saturday.

There will be pictures of our Oslo sightseeing later!

A prediction:  The Genea-bloggers at the NGS Conference in Cincinnati will be very busy going to presentations, meeting with friends, and enjoying the exhibits.  There will be many blog posts, photos, Facebook posts, etc. to keep the rest of the genea-world up-to-date.

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Donna Hague Wendt said...

Hi Randy, This is Donna from Hawaii, but I am on a vacation too. This time I'm in Istanbul, Turkey. But I see you're in Oslo and just wanted to mention that I really loved seeing the Kon Tiki and the Ra (?) there. Especially after reading the Kon Tiki when I was a whipper snapper. Enjoy your trip. Aloha