Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Blog Compendium

There were a number of posts about the 2012 SCGS Genealogy Jamboree events and happenings, so I'm going to do a blog compendium.

*  Jamboree: Lights, Camera, Action, Idols by Mark Olsen on the MyHeritage Blog.

*  Southern California Jamboree in Burbank - Day 1*Southern California Jamboree - Day 2*,  Southern California Jamboree - last day* by Sandra Benward on the Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society blog.

*  SCGS Jamboree Tech Trax,  SCGS Jamboree - Friday,  SCGS Jamboree 2012 - Saturday by Karen Krugman on Karen's Genealogy Oasis blog.

*  Jamboree 2012 and Progress on My List by Sheri Fenley on The Educated Genealogist blog.

*  Jamboree 2012 Wrap-Up by Michael John Neill on the RootDig.com blog.

*  Day 1 at JamboreeSCGS Jamboree Day #2SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Day #3 - SaturdayDay 4 at SCGS Genealogy Jamboree - Sunday and SCGS Genealogy Jamboree Pictures - Hollywood Gala* by Randy Seaver on the Genea-Musings blog.

*  Top 40, Jamboree and Me by Valerie Craft on the Family Cherished blog.

*  SCGS12 Hollywood Gala* by Amy Coffin on The We Tree Genealogy Blog.

*  Jamboree Weekend Train and Hotel, Jamboree Day 2 Friday June 8, 2012, Jamboree Day 2, Saturday June 9 and Sunday Day 3 at Jamboree by Gwynn Socolich on the GSGenealogy blog.

*  The Day After: My Top 10 Jamboree 2012 List by Gena Ortega on Gena's Genealogy blog..

*  What I Liked Best About #SCGS12 by Caroline M. Pointer on the 4YourFamilyStory.com blog.

*  My First Jamboree - Part 1, My First Jamboree - Part 2 and My First Jamboree - Part 3 (The Finale) by Missy Corley on the Bayside Blog.

*  Jamboree 2012 - Friday,  Jamboree 2012 - Saturday by Cheryl Palmer on the Heritage Happens blog.

*  Surreal Southern California Genealogy Jamboree by the writer of The Ancestry Insider blog.

*  Don't Miss the Author of Annie's Ghost #scgs12 Streaming Video,   A Good Time Was Had By All @scgs12, and  Elyse Doerflinger and A.C. Ivory Receive Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Scholarship Grants by Denise Levenick on The Family Curator blog.

*  Genealogy Firsts - Merit Badge, Conference, Autographs and Cemetery Picture-Taking by Geoff Rasmussen on the Legacy News blog.

*  Jamboree: Crowds, the Census and a Red Carpet! by Schelly Dardashti on the MyHeritage Blog.

*  Southern California Genealogical Society's Successful 2012 Jamboree by Tom Kemp on the GenealogyBank Blog.

*  Southern California Genealogy Jamboree 2012 Recap by Amanda on the Geni Blog.

*  SCGS Jamboree in Oregon 2012 by Susan LeBlanc on the Gopher Genealogy blog.

*  At the Genealogy Jamboree 2012 and   Saturday at SCGS Jamboree - Fun and Discoveries by Donna Wendt on the Another Day With Donna blog.

If I missed one or more of your blog posts about events at SCGS 2012, please let me know in comments or email.

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Celia Lewis said...

Whew! I read every one of these, Randy. Sigh - sounds like so much fun!! I'll have to save for several years to get down there, but it's now at the top of my list. Thanks for posting these Jamboree Blog links.

Donna Hague Wendt said...

Hi Randy, I did a post about Saturday at the Jamboree you might want to note...

more specifically:

Great seeing you, Aloha, Donna Wendt