Thursday, June 14, 2012

Searching on my iPhone

During Daniel Horowitz's presentation on "Mobile Devices and applications for Genealogists" at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree last weekend, I made a statement that "The app on my iPhone does not search the Ancestry record collections."  Another attendee corrected me, and I then figured it out myself right there in the presentation, and told Daniel about it afterwards..

I thought that my Genea-Musings readers would like to know the process for searching the record collections using the iPhone.  Here is the process that I've found:

1)  From the application on my iPhone:

2)  I tapped Thomas Richmond (1848-1917) on my tree (above), and the information for him opened:

There are four buttons at the bottom for Info, Family, Photo and Evidence.

3)  I tapped the "Evidence" button and a list of my source citations appeared:

4)  Scrolling down to the bottom of the list, there is a line for "Search to find historical documents about Thomas Richmond."

5)  When I tapped on the "Search" link above, the browser opened and the familiar search results on opened:

6)  Turning the iPhone to landscape mode, and zooming in to the image:

What I noticed was that the first search was a global search, and I received thousands of matches that did not reflect the birth, death, spouse or parents information for Thomas Richmond.

From here, I could choose one of the record collections to see the list of matches, or I could tap the "Edit Search" screen to refine my search.

7)  When I clicked on "Edit Search" to refine my search, the search form had all of the information in the search fields - birth, death, marriage, spouse's name, parents names, siblings, etc.  Since I usually search for Exact matches, those boxes were also checked.

When I clicked "Search," I received no results!  That was frustrating!  I didn't see an easy way to delete selected search fields on the "Edit Search" screen except to tap each field and do it manually.

I haven't done much searching on using the iPhone, but I would like to have some capability to not use the pre-filled in information in the search fields, or be able to easily tap it to use it or not use it.

Of course, I had already reviewed, and accepted or rejected, all of the Hints that offered for Thomas Richmond.  Because I have this Ancestry Member Tree synced to my Family Tree Maker 2012 program, I also get the documents attached to the tree downloaded to my computer when I sync my FTM database with the Ancestry Member Tree.  However,'s sources are still not up to Evidence! Explained quality...

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