Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tip - Check Out the Evidence Explained website

This week's Tuesday's Tip is:  Check out the content - especially the articles and forums, on Elizabeth Shown Mills www.EvidenceExplained.com website.

Elizabeth Shown Mills is a well-known and highly respected author, editor and professional genealogist in the United States and the entire world.  She recently created a website called Evidence Explained: Historical Analysis, Source and Citation Usage (www.evidenceexplained.com)  to highlight her book about citing sources from artifacts to cyberspace.

The site has a number of very useful features:

*  The Home Page provides links to eight QuickLesson articles that highlight different aspects of record use, evidence analysis and source citation.

*  The Book Content tab has links to the Foundation chapters, Resource chapters (but not all are hot-linked).

*  The Sample Text Pages tab has some sample Pages from the book.

*  The Sample QuickCheck tab has sample QuickCheck source citation model templates.

*  The Forums tab has links to three separate forums where readers can ask questions and discuss these topics:  Citation Issues; Evidence Analysis Issues; Record Use and Interpretation.  Users have to register and/or login in order to post comments.

Elizabeth also has a Facebook page for Evidence Explained at https://www.facebook.com/evidenceexplained where she posts daily about the record, evidence and source issues.

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