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Follow-Up Friday - Helpful Reader Comments From This Past Week

For Follow-Up Friday, I'm posting interesting and helpful reader comments, and adding my own response if called for.

1)  On Genealogy Q&A Site Proposal Needs Support (28 August 2012):

*  Louis Kessler said:  "Thanks for helping out again and posting this for us. In the 4 hours since you posted this, the site has had 70 visits and 14 more people signed up.

"What I should also have mentioned is that we had 150 people, including yourself Randy, sign up for it before. But that proposal was closed because it didn't get the required number of participants within the 2 year timeframe.

"Unfortunately, what that means is that you, and those other 150 people who signed up previously will have to sign up again to this new initiative. But that should be easy, since you already have your account at StackExchange and only have to login and click on the button at the left of the page.

"This time, we are restarting this and trying to get a big blast of people sign up right away and see if we can get it going into Beta as fast as possible. I'm really hoping we can get to Beta and then meet the traffic requirements to make the site permanent. The StackExchange network is probably the best system available for any Q&A site - it can handle any level of traffic - it will be run by our genealogy community - and is 100% free."

*  Later, Louis added:  "We need to keep up the interest. I have a new post at Google+ with step by step instructions, since some people found it confusing:"

My response:  I need to sign up again, and I encourage all of my readers to sign up and support this effort.

*  Russ commented:  "1) Because that file didn't have any images, you just completed one part of the upload process. That is to get the Data Online. IF you had images, then FTM2012 would continue to Upload the Media files, and like your file size, the number and size of the media files may take a while longer. You WILL see a Media Complete indication.

2) updating the file going forward should not take as long. Updating either Online or in FTM2012, the TreeSync™ will be much shorter.

To add to Patients, Data first, then Media files second. You can work on your file while the Media files are being upload. WATCH for Media Complete."

My response:  I had links to Media files in my FTM 2012 database, so those media files did upload eventually.  I also hit "Retry" and the ones that had not synced then uploaded.  

Russ's advice of "Patience, Data, Media" is a good one...prayer seemed to help too.  Thank you, Russ, for advising all of us on the intricacies of FTM.

*  Russ added very useful information:  "A couple of the questions are also on the Knowledge Base website (HELP menu):

"Question 1: Can I combine my current Ancestry Member Tree with the tree in my current software?  Please go to the Knowledge Base website: and enter 4576 in the Search Support field and click on the Search Button. That will take you to an article that should help you with this. That is a Knowledge Based Article.

"Question 3: If I have linked Media to persons and facts in my software tree, will it be attached in the Ancestry Member Tree?  Knowledge Based article 5122."

*  Leslie Ann commented:  " It looks like we are cousins! I am also a descendant of Joseph and Sarah Holloway Allen. It has been one of my projects for quite a while to prove once and for all that our George Allen is not the same George who married Katherine Slarks/Starks. That George was indeed the son of Richard Allen, moneyer of Tower of London.

"Thanks to the The Records of London's Livery Companies Online => I was able to find some tidbits that help confirm that fact.

"George Allen, Clothmaker of St. Michael, Queenhithe, London was a new apprentice in 1613 to Joseph Usher. This gives him a birth date of abt 1598. He was admitted a freeman in 1620. He was a master apprentice to a William Johnson in 1658.

"His brother Henry was apprenticed in the 1610. When you put Henry's will (which I have transcribed => )together with the Livery information you can see it more clearly.  George was mentioned in brother Henry's will in 1640. By this time our George was already in Mass."

Leslie Ann wrote a follow-up post on this:  Immigrant George Allen Did Not Marry Katherine Starke

My reeponse:  Thank you, Leslie Ann, for the followup information and the blog posts.  You have done some original research and analysis that advances the George Allen "ball."

For the information of my regular readers and followers - Genea-Musings may be "light" on content over the next ten days - we have the grandgirls (ages 4 and 7) for five days this weekend while their parents move the family to Huntington Beach, and then we fly to San Jose on next Friday to visit the grandboys (ages 6 and 9) for four days.  In between, I have to get the CVGS Newsletter written, edited and distributed.  This is why we didn't go to FGS this year...

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