Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creating a Specific Source Usage Report in Legacy Family Tree 7.5

I demonstrated how to create a Source Usage Report for one specific source in two recent posts:

*  Creating a Specific Source List Report in RootsMagic 5

*  UPDATED AGAIN: Creating a Specific Source Usage Report in Family Tree Maker 2012 (this took three tries!)

The third genealogy management program that I use on a regular basis is Legacy Family Tree 7.5.  When I wrote the RootsMagic post, reader Connie Sheets commented with the process to do this task in Legacy Family Tree 7.5 saying:

*Open the Master Source List and tag the source (or sources) you want.
*Open the Reports menu, and choose Source Citations (under the Books/Other tab).
*Under the Include tab, check Only Tagged Sources, Master Sources and All Citations to Each One, Include specific events, and include Citation Detail.
*Under the Options tab, select whatever style you want; you probably want the Printed Style format rather than List Style format.
*Preview or print.

Thank you, Connie!  A user could search for the process in the Help screen also, by using the Sources, Citation Report in the index or searching for "Source Citation Report."

Here is the process I used (helped by Connie's nice list!):

1)  In Legacy Family Tree 7.5, click on the "View" menu item and select "Master lists" and then "Source..." as shown below:

2)  That opens the "Master Source List" window, and to Tag one specific source, scroll down the list until you find the specific source (in my case, the Vital Records of Westminster, Mass. book) and click the box in the "Tag" column:

Close the screen above - the specific source I want is now Tagged.

3)  Click on the "Reports" menu item, and select the "Books and Other" tab (shown below) and then the "Source Citation Report" button (shown below):

In the screen above, in the "Include: tab, I checked the "Only tagged sources" radio button and the "Master Sources and All citations to Each One" radio button, the "Include specific events," "Include citation detail," "Include citation text," and "Include citation comments" check boxes.  I left the "Include surety level of citations unchecked.

4)  I clicked the "Preview" button on the "Source Citation Report" window and saw:

The resulting report was had 6 pages, with the master Source information at the top of the report.  For each person, the person's name in surname alphabetical order (first name first, with person ID number), the Fact(s) (e.g., Birth, Death, etc.), and then the citation detail (if present) is listed.  Note that it provides citation details when provided, but includes those that don't have source citation details.

This report created by Legacy Family Tree is much more compact than those created by RootsMagic 5 or Family Tree Maker 2012, and provides exactly the information that I wanted to create.  The process is very simple once you figure out that you have to Tag the specific source.

5)  There is another interesting report here in Legacy Family Tree 7.5.  If I selected the radio buttons for "all sources" and for "Master Sources and Citation Summary Charts" in the "source citation Report" window, I can obtain a nice list of  all of my Master Sources and how many citations I have in my database:

This report is 64 pages, and lists all 793 of my Master Sources and how many citations are included.  The most was for Find-A-Grave (1420 citations).

6)  I wanted to see how big the report would be for my (approximately) 30,600 source citations in all of the Master Sources, and Legacy created it after about one minute.  Here is the first page:

1,138 pages!  That is a great report!  I'm not going to Print it...but I did save it (only 1,7 megabytes).  Note that RootsMagic 5 and Family Tree Maker 2012 can create a similar report, but I like the format of this report best.

I could save as a PDF file, or print, any of these Source Citation Reports.  

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Celia Lewis said...

For some reason I'm still confuzzled about the tagging procedures, so I think I have to review this again in Legacy Training. It's obviously very important in doing many activities. Sigh. Thanks for this post- very clear.

Connie Sheets said...

Thanks for the mention, Randy. I'm popular on blogs this week;-)

I just remembered there are two ways to speed up this process: you can place a Sources icon on your Legacy toolbar, so that clicking it will automatically open your Master Source List. Once you've highlighted and tagged the source you want, click the Options box on the right, then click Print.

If you just want a list of who is using that master source, highlight the source, then click Show List. You can print directly from there, but it will only give you the names and RINs of the people who have that source attached, not the detail information.