Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UPDATE: Creating a Specific Source List Report in Family Tree Maker 2012

In my post today, Creating a Specific Source List Report in Family Tree Maker 2012, I showed one process to create a Source List Report for a specific source using the "Source Usage Report" in the "Publish" workspace.  That seemed like the logical place to do a report of this type.

However, it is not the only place to do it.  Readers Rosemary and Russ Worthington offered a much simpler process, which I'll discuss below.  Russ also wrote FTM2012 - Specific Source Useage Report in response.

The process described by Rosemary and Russ goes like this:

1)  In the "Source" workspace, highlight the specific Source for which you want the usage report.

On the screen above, I highlighted the Westminster Vital Records book on the list in the left panel.  The list of the different "Source Citations" (the "details") are shown in the top part of the middle panel, and the persons for each of those "Source Citations" are listed in the bottom part of the middle panel.  There are 36 "Source Citations" for this particular Source, and there are 73 for the particular "Source citation" - the one without any source citation information (in other words, I didn't add a page number or other information).

2) The way to create the report is, with the specific Source highlighted, click on the "Print" icon in the upper right-hand corner (between "Delete" and "Share").   On the screen above, I have clicked the "Print" icon and have to choose between "Print All Source Usage Report" and "Print Selected Source Usage Report."

3)  I chose the latter - and after about 20 seconds, a 12 page report for the specific source appeared:

Here is a close-up of the top of the screen above:

This report provides the Source Title, the Repository, the Persons with a Source citation for this source, and the Fact that cites the Source citation.  The report includes all of the Facts that reference this Source, including the ones with or without a Source Citation.

However, after a careful review of the 12 page list, the Source Citations themselves (the "citation details" like a page number or other information) are not provided.  For instance, the four persons shown in the screen above are all on page 100 of the book, and the Source Citation shows that information.  But it is not on the report above.

This would be a great report - just what I want - if it included the Source Citation information in it. Hopefully, it will be improved in the future.  

Thank you to Rosemary and Russ for setting me straight on this Source Report process for a specific Source.

Oh, I did inadvertently click on the "Print All Source Usage Report" and received, after a period of time (minutes, not hours) with 1,498 pages with the information from every source!  Not what I wanted, but it did do that task.

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Cousin Russ said...


As a follow up to: UPDATE: Creating a Specific Source List Report in Family Tree Maker 2012, I went back to my first blog post from your Roots Magic 5 post.


What I did there, I think, will get you what you want.

My report was 1,513 pages in length. I didn't want to print that. I just wanted to print the 1940 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Chester County SOURCE. That is what I am cleaning up.

That Source first appears on page 161 and runs until 176. There are 15 Citations, and the list of each Fact, and the Citation is spelled out.

Those are the pages I would print.

I have done some other testing to get only ONE report the Specific Source, but that I couldn't get that.

But, that report does help with my clean up of that Source.