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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What is Your Matrlineal Line?

Hey genealogy buffs - it's Saturday Night again --
 time for more Genealogy Fun!!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Status line on Facebook or in your Stream at Google Plus.

4)  If you have done this before, please do your father's matrilineal line, or your grandfather's matrilineal line, or your spouse's matrilineal line.

5)  Does this list spur you to find distant cousins that might share one of your matrilineal lines?  

Here's mine:

My matrilineal line is:

a) Randall J. Seaver
b) Betty Virginia Carringer (1919 San Diego CA - 2002 San Diego CA) married Frederick W. Seaver
c) Emily Kemp Auble (1899 Chicago IL -1977 San Diego CA) married Lyle L. Carringer
d) Georgianna Kemp (1868 Norfolk County, ON - 1952 San Diego CA) married Charles Auble
e) Mary Jane Sovereen (1840 Norfolk Co ON - 1874 Norfolk Co ON) married James Abram Kemp
f) Eliza Putman (1820 Steuben Co NY - 1895 Norfolk Co ON) married Alexander Sovereen
g) Sarah Martin (1792 NJ - 1860 Norfolk Co ON) married John Putman
h) Betsey Rolfe (1766 NJ - ????) married Mulford Martin
i) Sarah Campbell (1746 NJ? -1838 Tompkins Co NY) married Ephraim Rolfe
j) FNU LNU married Robert Campbell (?)

I have had my mitochondrial DNA tested, and I am in Haplogroup K. I reported on it in My mtDNA is in the K Haplogroup, Working with my mtDNA Results - Post 1 and Working with my mtDNA Results - Post 2. There were two exact matches in the GeneTree database, but their end-of-line surnames don't match mine. I have one exact match with a person in AncestryDNA, but her tree is not visible for comparison.  It appears that mine may be Scottish or Irish, though!

On my Seaver side, the matrilineal line of my father is:

a) Frederick W. Seaver (1911 Fitchburg MA - 1983 San Diego CA) married Betty V. Carringer
b) Alma Bessie Richmond (1882 Killingly CT - 1962 Leominster MA) married Frederick W. Seaver
c) Julia White (1848 Killingly CT - 1913 Putnam CT) married Thomas Richmond
d) Amy Frances Oatley (1826 S. Kingstown RI - before 1870, Killingly CT) married Henry A. White
e) Amy Champlin (1797 S. Kingstown RI - 1865 Killingly CT) married Jonathan Oatley
f) Nancy Kenyon (ca 1765 RI - before 1850 S. Kingstown RI) married Joseph Champlin
g) Anna --?-- (perhaps Kenyon) (ca 1740 RI? - ???) married John Kenyon

I should have one of my female cousins, or sons of the daughters of Alma Bessie Richmond) from this line have their mitochondrial DNA tested (the male children are all deceased now).  Who can I ask?  

My Carringer grandfather's matrilineal line is:

a)  Lyle Lawrence Carringer (1891 San Diego CA - 1976 San Diego CA) married Emily Kemp Auble
b)  Abbie Ardell Smith (1862 Burnett WI - 1944 San Diego CA) married Henry Austin Carringer
c)  Abigail  A. Vaux (1844 Aurora NY - 1931 San Diego CA) married Devier J. Lamphier Smith
d)  Mary Ann Underhill (1815 Aurora NY - after 1880 KS?) married Samuel Vaux
e)  Mary (Polly) Metcalf (ca 1780 Piermont NH) - before 1860 Aurora NY) married Amos Underhill
f)  Jerusha --?-- (ca 1750 ??? - 1817 Piermont NH) married Burgess Metcalf

There are no female line X-great-grandchildren of Abbie Ardell Smith or Abigail Vaux alive to my knowledge.  There may be female line X-great-grandchildren of Mary Ann Underhill still alive, but I haven't found them yet.  Another research task!

My Seaver grandfather's matrilineal line is:

a)  Frederick Walton Seaver (1876 Leominster MA - 1942 Leominster MA) married Alma Bessie Richmond.
b)  Hattie Louisa Hildreth (1857 Northborough MA - 1920 Leominster MA) married Frank Walton Seaver.
c)  Sophia Newton (1834 Springfield VT - 1923 Leominster MA) married Edward Hildreth
d)  Sophia Buck (1797 Holden MA - 1883 Westborough MA), married (2) Thomas J. Newton
e)  Martha Phillips (1757 Shrewsbury MA - after 1820 Sterling MA), married Isaac Buck
f)  Hannah Brown (about 1725 MA - before 1774 Shrewsbury MA), married John Phillips

There may he female-line descendants of Sophia Buck still living, but I have not traced them past 1900.

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Deborah said...

Saturday Night Fun!
Here is my brief matrilineal line:
a)Deborah J. Lord (married Michael Campisano)
b)Geneva M. Thompson (1919 – 1967 Jefferson Co. KY) married Robt J. Lord
c)Gertrude L. McDermott (1880 – 1941 Louisville, KY) married Geo. W. Thompson
d)Elizabeth “Betty” Connelly (1840 Ireland – 1907 Louisville, KY) married Thomas McDermott
e)Margaret UNKNOWN (abt. 1815 Ireland – 1894 Louisville, KY) married Peter Connelly

I need answers from Ireland as you can see. Knowing the place of origin (other than County Galway) would help as long as there are records available.

I recently had mtDNA tested with FamilyTreeDNA but do not have results yet.

This has me thinking about asking another female descendant (from one of Gertrude McDermott's sisters) to also test.

I'm also participating in the "Ireland Reaching Out" program though knowing a specific parish would be very helpful.

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

That was fun and educational. Here's my post:

Elizabeth Handler said...

I had done this for my matrilineal line last fall. Tonight's SNGF post for my father's matrilineal line is at From Maine to Kentucky.

I also did this for my husband's matrilineal line at A Jewish Genealogy Journey.

Sara Greenleaf said...

Thanks Randy! Coincidentally, this is the line I've been working on recently. My post here:

Liz said...

Thanks, Randy! Here's mine:

Unknown said...

Done and posted :)

Barbara Jean Mathews said...

I know I'm coming late to this fun.

1. Barbara Jean Mathews
2. Barbara Louise Anderson, b. 9 Sept. 1926 in CT, m. 1947 Charles Pons Mathews
3. Isabel Olga Christiansen, b. 30 Dec 1900 in CT, m. 1920 Albert Julius Anderson
4. Christina Victoria Nielsen [Victorie Bodil Kirstine Nielsen], b. 4 Dec 1861 in Herskind Hede, Skivholm, Aarhus, Denmark, m. 1882 John George Christiansen
5. Knudsine Knudsen, b. 21 May 1842 in Herskind Hede, m. 1858 Christian Nielsen
6. Bodil Christiansdatter, b. 22 Dec 1802 in Groenbaek, Lusgaard, Aarhus, Denmark, m. 1841 Knud Christiansen
7. Kirstine Kristiansdatter m. bef. 1802 Kristian Kristiansen

Charlene Baer said...

I know I'm late but it was too fun to pass up! Here's my post:

Charlene Baer said...
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Nick and Sarah said...

Great idea! Can't believe I've never done this before:

a) Sarah Augusta Thompson
b) Ellen Keith (b. 1947) m. Artis Owen Thompson
c) Sara Sue Anderson (1925 Dalton, GA-2001 Dalton, GA) m. James Edwin Keith
d) Maude Ella Trippe (1893 Cedar Valley, GA-1984 Dalton, GA) m. Thomas Julian Anderson, Sr.
e) Sara Ella Nance (1872, Tilton GA-1944) m. James Masten Trippe
f) Nancy Carline Roberson (1836 TN-1879 en route to TX) m. William T. Nance
g) Sarah McCarrell?? (1797 PA-1881) ?? m. James Roberson ??

Julie said...

Everyone else thought they were late! It's almost time, with in hours for the new SNGF! Here is mine. Thank you Randy for the fun and chance that this was posted just as Mom received her answer in the mail!