Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Post 222: Geraldine and Marcia in 1942

 I am posting photographs from my family collections for (Not So) Wordless Wednesday (you know me, I can't go wordless!).    

Here is a photograph from the Geraldine (Seaver) Remley family collection handed down from my Aunt Gerry in 2007
 after her passing. 

This is a photograph of Geraldine Seaver (1917-2007), my father's youngest sibling, and Marcia Russell Chamberlain (1926-????), a first cousin once removed to Geraldine.  Geraldine was a granddaughter of Thomas and Julia (White) Richmond through their daughter Alma Bessie (Richmond) Seaver, and Marcia was a great-granddaughter of Thomas and Julia (White) Richmond, through their daughter Emily White (Richmond) Taylor.  Thomas and Julia (White) Richmond are my great-grandparents).

I believe that this picture was taken in July, 1942 in California 
in San Diego during my parents' marriage week. Geraldine and her mother came to California by train from Massachusetts for the wedding and to see their California relatives.  It was probably taken by Geraldine's mother, or by another relative using Geraldine's camera.  

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Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

I love to see photos from the 1940s - Thanks for posting! ;-)
...the clothes, the hairstyles, the backgrounds... every bit as much as the 'oh-so-important' people!