Monday, September 10, 2012

Randy's Bureau of Missing Maiden Names: Rachel

I seem to have hundreds of female names without a maiden surname... so I'm starting a blog post series called Randy's Bureau of Missing Maiden Names.

Here is my list of Rachel persons without a maiden surname who are my direct line ancestors (and the husband and child that I descend from):

1)  Rachel (before 1600-1665 in Colchester, England), wife of Thomas Read (1595-1665) of Colchester, Essex, England; mother of Thomas Read (1627-1701) who settled in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

2)  Rachel (before 1680-1731 in Dartmouth, Mass.), wife of Joseph Allen (1667-1735), who died in Dartmouth, Massachusetts; mother of Rachel Allen (1708-????).

3)  Rachel (before 1705- before 1755 in Scituate, RI), wife of Richard Pray (1683-1755), who died in Scituate, Rhode Island; mother of Sarah Pray (1734-1819).

4)  Rachel (about 1590-1651 in Braintree, Mass.), wife of Peter Brackett (1585-1616), who died in Sudbury, Suffolk, England; mother of Rachel Brackett (1614-1685).  She married (2) Martin Saunders in about 1619.

5)  Rachel (1624-1645, in Concord, Mass.), first wife of William Fletcher (1618-1677), who died in Chelsmford, Massachusetts;  mother of Joshua Fletcher (1644-1713).

It is entirely possible that I have missed previously published research, or surnames provided in online family trees or web pages.

Can anyone help me with any of these?  What do you know about them?  Any suggestions as to resources to check?  Who else is descended from these Rachels?

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Mel said...

Randy, this is a wonderful idea! I have so many woman who are only known by a first name. I may have to steal your idea and post about them, too.

Wouldn't it be nice if they all finally got a surname?

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

I was going to say almost exactly what Mel already posted as a comment. I agree! ;-)

Unknown said...

Love it! You have come further than me in my obsessive quest in finding my g grandmother's FIRST name spelled correctly! AH, the ITALIAN language sounds so beautiful that I finally have moved on to just accecpt EMELIA as AMELIA, EMILE, AMELE, AURELA, AMALIA...EMILA!

Unknown said...

For Peter Brackett 1585-1616, I have Rachel Wheatley, 1584-1651. Born in Sudbury and died in Braintree, MA.