Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Ancestor Name Roulette

Calling all Genea-Musings Fans: 
 It's Saturday Night again - 
time for some more Genealogy Fun!!

Here is your assignment if you choose to play along (cue the Mission Impossible music, please!): 

1) What year was one of your great-grandmothers born?  Divide this number by 90 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your "roulette number."

2) Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ancestral name list (some people call it an "ah
nentafel" - 
your software will create this - use the "Ahnentafel List" option, or similar). Who is that person, and what are his/her vital information?

3) Tell us three facts about that person in your ancestral name list with the "roulette number."

4) Write about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a Facebook status or a Google Stream post, or as a comment on this blog post.

5) If you do not have a person's name for your "roulette number" then spin the wheel again - pick a great-grandmother, a grandfather, a parent, a favorite aunt or cousin, yourself, or even your children!

Here's mine:  

1)  My great-grandmother, Julia (White) Richmond was born  in 1848.  Dividing by 90 gives me a roulette number of 20.53, rounded up to 21.

2)  #21 on my Ancestral Name List is Hannah (Rich) Richman/Richmond.  Here is the vital record information I have for Hannah (Rich) Richmond:

Hannah Rich was born on 14 April 1824 in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England, the daughter of John and Rebecca (Hill) Rich. She died on 8 August 1911 at the age of 87 in Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, United States. Hannah married 7 September 1845 in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England to James Richman.  He was born before 8 April 1821 in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England, the son of John and Ann (Marshman) Richman.  James Richmond died on 20 December 1912 in Putnam, Windham, Connecticut, United States at the age of 91.

3)  Three Facts:

*  Hannah Rich was baptized on 9 February 1837 in Hilperton, Wiltshire, England along with some of her siblings.  Her family was Non-Conformist for some time.

*  Hannah Richman (age 32, female, wife, origin Great Britain), James Richman (age 7, male, child), Thomas Richman (age 6, male, child), Louisa Richman (age 4, female, child), Elizabeth Richman (age 2, female, child) and Ann Richman (infant, female, child) were passengers on the ship Osprey, which sailed from Glasgow, Scotland, arriving in New York City on 14 November 1856.

*  Hannah (Rich) Richmond was buried in Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, Windham, Connecticut in a plot with her husband, James Richmond on one side of the stone, and her sons, Frederic J. Richmond and Thomas Richmond, plus Thomas Richmond's wife, Julia (White) Richmond on the other side of the gravestone.

4)  I did!

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William R Zeigler said...

1 - My G-Grandmothers were born in 1864, 1867, or 1867, which all gave me a roulette number of 21. I'll pick Martha Ann Samples, born 1864.

2 - #21 is Elizabeth Demerit (Sturdivan) Jones.

3 - a-Elizabeth was born June 1843 in Illinois, probably Knox County.
b-Elizabeth married Jonas Madison Jones in Oskaloosa, Jefferson, Kansas in 1858.
c-Elizabeth died in Menlo, Thomas, Kansas November 1904.

~Bill Zeigler

Liz said...

Here's mine, Randy!

This was fun! Thanks!


Sandy Scott said...

1. My g-grandmothers were born in 1836, 1863, 1937, and 1823, which all gave me a roulette number of 21. I picked Sarah Jane Coffin, born 1836.

2. #21 is Damaris Worth

3.a. Damaris was born 2 October 1722 in Sherburn, Nantucket, Massachusetts.
b. She was not married.
c. She died 1 October 1780 in Sherburn, Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Sandy Scott

Sara Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Randy! Here's my post:

Celia Lewis said...

Okay Randy - I managed to do this tonight, and blog about it as well. It was a genealogy day today!!
Here's my blog link for this task - or fun:

Cheers, I'm having white wine (B.C. Hester Creek Pinot Gris)...
- Celia

Mel said...

Here is my entry on Marie-Anne (Lacrouts) Mazeres dit Salanave.

Unknown said...

Here is mine!

Thanks for the challenge!


Diana Ritchie said...

Here's mine....a little late but I always love the ahnentafel roulette ones!!

Unknown said...

Seems the "magic" # is 21. My g-grandmother was born 1848; divide that by 90 you get 21.

#21 in my pedigree is Ann Jemima Watson Loughrey Bell, born 8 Dec 1816 in Johnstown, Montgomery Co., NY

she married Samuel Bell of Ontario, Canada on 20 Feb 1836 in Ogdensburgh, St. Lawrence Co., NY

Ann Jemima died on 3 Dec 1901 in Bannock Co., ID

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

Here's mine, Randy.

Life Goes On said...

here is where I shared about my great great great grandmother Louisa Maria Reynolds

Anonymous said...

Can I still play?

#21 = Wilhelmina Ewert/ Everett
Parents: Julius Ewert/ Everett & Wilhelmina __(too many choices to choose from)__
Birth: 16 Jul 1898, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Death: 8 Aug 1985, Parma, Cuyahoga, Ohio

A. She married: 1. James Louis Kamis on 10 Mar 1917 in Cleveland; 2. John Michael Machutek on 28 April 1948; 3. married to a possible "E. Felde" sometime between 1917-1948.

B. Her son, Harris William Kamis, piloted a bomber during WW 2 in Europe. After the War, he was transferred to the 7th Emergency Rescue Squad in Hawaii. He and his crew died on 8 August 1946 when their PBY airplane crashed into the ocean off O'ahu. They are memorialized on the Tablets of the Missing.

C. Wilhelmina was known by my older cousins as "Aunt Minnie". She was known by us younger ones as "Aunt Wilma". When and why the change occurred is unknown to me!