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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Where Were They 100 Years ago?

It's Saturday Night - 
time for more Genealogy Fun! 

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1)  Determine where your ancestral families were on 1 January 1913 - 100 years ago.

2)  List them, their family members, their birth years, and their residence location (as close as possible).  Do you have a photograph of their residence from about that time, and does the residence still exist?

3)  Tell us all about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status or Google+ Stream post.

Here's mine:

*  My grandparents Frederick W. Seaver (born 1876) and Alma Bessie (Richmond) Seaver  (born 1882) resided at 290 Central Street in Leominster, Massachusetts with their children:  Marion (born 1901), Evelyn (born 1903), Ruth (born 1907), and Frederick W (born 1911, my father).  I have recent pictures of this residence, which still stands in Leominster.

*  My great-grandparents Frank W. Seaver (born 1852) and Hattie (Hildreth) (born 1857) Seaver resided at 149 Lancaster Street in Leominster, Massachusetts with my great-great-grandmother Sophia (Newton) Hildreth (born 1834).  I have a 1910 picture of this house, plus recent photographs, which still stands in Leominster.

*  My great-grandparents Thomas Richmond (born 1848) and Juliett (White) Richmond (born 1848) resided in Putnam, Connecticut, perhaps at 6 Church Street (given on Juliett's death certificate in October 1913).  I don't have a picture of that residence.

*  My great-grandparents Henry Austin Carringer (born 1853) and Della (Smith) Carringer (born 1862) resided at 2105 30th Street in San Diego, California with their son, my grandfather Lyle L. Carringer (born 1891).  I have many pictures of this residence, which now stands at 2115 30th Street..

*  My great-grandparents Charles Auble (born 1849) and Georgianna (Kemp) Auble (born 1868) resided at 767 14th Street in San Diego, California with their daughter, my grandmother Emily Kemp Auble (born 1899).  I have one picture of this residence, which was demolished many years ago.

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marshall said...

On 1-Jan-1913, My great-grandparents Nathaniel (49) & Anna McHorney (36) lived on a five acre "mini ranch" on Sisson Avenue, just north of University Ave, in East San Diego.

With them in 1913 were their children Paul (9), Natalie (8), Selma (6), Greg (4), Helen (2) and Frederica (10 mo). Two more children would be born in the next three years.

The house (and in the street) does not exist any more; though I have pictures.
When the city of San Diego expanded its' boundaries in the mid 1920's (did you know that "Boundary St" used to mark the city limits?) the streets were renamed, and Sission Ave became 40th St.

Today there's an apartment building there.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Randy - Here is my blog post. This was really a fun exercise!


marshall said...

On 1-Jan-1913, My great-grandparents James (56) & Dorothy Farr (51) lived on Essex St, one block off off of University Avenue. They ran an apartment building called the Farr Apartments at 1031 University. (though some records show 1931 University) The building is still there.

Living with them was their youngest child, Dwight Farr (8). Two older children, James F (20) and Sadie (22) were living with them in 1910 and might have still been living with them (or living in the apartments).

Liz said...

Randy, here's mine:

This was a great exercise, Randy! Made me dig deep and learn some tidbits about my ancestors! Thanks!


marshall said...

Might as well add the two others


On 1-Jan-1913, My great-grandparents James (48) & Jeannie Clow (45) lived at 1207 Buena Vista St. in Trinidad, Colorado. The house is no longer there. In fact, Buena Vista St. now ends with the 1300 block, with I-25 running where the 1200 block used to be. I have some pictures of this house.

Living with them were their children, Milton (11) and Jean (5).


On 1-Jan-1913, My great-grandparents Charles (33) & Bernice Jones (28) (probably) lived in Pueblo, Colorado. In 1910 they lived at 617 N 15th St. in Pueblo and in 1920 they lived at 939 Western Avenue in Trinidad, CO. Both of those houses are still there, and I have pictures of the house in Trinidad.

Living with them were their children, Alice (4) and Charles Jr (1).

Perry said...

Interesting. I realized two of my 3rd great grandparents died in January 1913.

1) My 2nd great grandfather Knute Iverson (67) lived either on a farm in Lost Island Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa or in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I know he moved between 1910 and 1920. Children Henry (17) and Elmer (15) were probably with him.

2) My great grandparents, Peter Iverson (34) and Anna Duhn (28) were on a farm in Highland Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa with Anna's mother, Inger Duhn (72), and children Constance (6), my grandfather Kermit (2), and Pearl (0).

3) My 3rd great grandfather William Zeigler (87) lived in Streator, La Salle County, Illinois probably at the home of his daughter Susan Notman. He died on 14 Jan 1913.

4) My 2nd great grandparents Frederick Zeigler (58) and Mary Kleiber (54) lived in Emmetsburg, Palo Alto County, Iowa, possibly at 1713 6th St.

5) My 2nd great grandfather William Cox (57) was living in Defiance, Shelby County, Iowa with his second wife, Lillian Stukey (42) and their children Irma (9), Alice (6), Myrtle (4), and Nora (0).

6) My great grandparents Arthur Zeigler (34) and Etta Cox (31) lived on a farm in Freedom Township, Palo Alto County, Iowa with children Gladys (12), Alta (11), Lloyd (8), Lela (6), Glen (3), and Kenneth (1). Etta was pregnant with my grandmother Avis, born in March that year.

6) My 3rd great grandparents Harmon Kline (77) and Mary Hevers (75) were in Nora, Nuckolls County, Nebraska.

7) My 3rd great grandparents William Marlenee (77) and Amanda Davis (80) were in Nuckolls County, Nebraska.

8) My 2nd great grandparents John Kline (45) and Bertha Marlenee (42) were on a farm in Lincoln Township, Union County, Iowa with children Amanda (22), Marie (18), my great grandfather Forest (12), Floyd (10), James (8), Bertha (6), Homer (4), Emma (2), and Paul (1). My mother has a painting of the farm.

9) My 2nd great grandparents David William Reed (45) and Bertha Persons Snyder (38) were in Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa with children Veva (17), Harvey (15), David (13), my great grandmother Ava (8), Agnes (4), and Willa Marie (2).

10) My 2nd great grandparents Thomas Polson (60) and Margaret Miley (54) lived on a farm in Lincoln Township, Union County, Iowa with my great grandfather, Thomas Polson (18). I have a photo of them sitting on the steps of the house.

11) My 3rd great grandmother Palina Tucker (85) lived at 503 West Spencer Street, Creston, Union County, Iowa. She died there on 7 Jan 1913 of pneumonia.

12) My 2nd great grandparents Albert Tucker (58) and Carolina Emery (62) lived at 504 North Maple Street, Creston, Union County, Iowa with children Iva (20) and my great grandmother Bessie (16). I have an old photograph of the home.

Debi Austen said...

Thanks for the SNGF, Randy. Here's min:

Elizabeth Handler said...

This was a fun one. See From Maine to Kentucky.

Mel said...

Here is my entry, Randy:

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

I enjoyed that! I have posted in both of my blogs. My mother's family:

My father's family:

Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

Thanks for the challenge, Randy. I just couldn't pass up this one! It took me back to a similar exercise I did back in 2008 which you may remember. Thanks for the inspiration for my first blog post of the new year at "100 Years in America": Five years of life in the Lower East Side: 1908-1913.

Wendy said...

Hi Randy
I did a quick post last night and was going to link up, but then felt like it wasn't complete because I didn't have addresses. If anyone has a hint on how to do that, I'd appreciate it. Part of the issue is that these ancestors were renting and working in cotton mills or in coal mining camps and it seems hard to pin them down.


M.J. said...

Randy - here's my post. Thanks for the challenge, this was a lot of fun!

CVS said...

Very interesting to look at! I am lucky to have quite a few alive at the time:

1) Ernest George Smith (37), grocer, with his wife Emily Larby (40) and their children in Church Walk, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

2) Martha Smith (67), widow, living next door to the above in Church Walk.

3) Charles Ascot Tivey (39), enameller, with his wife Louisa Blunt (34) and their children had just moved to Walton-on-Thames from St Pancras.

4) Lucretia Brown (80), widow, living in Nottingham with her granddaughter.

5) George Whittle (35), labourer, with his wife Jane Sedgwick (29) and their children in Radnor Road, Weybridge.

6) Elijah Whittle (73), carman, living with his daughter and her family in Radnor Road.

7) William Sedgwick (61), railway worker, living with his second wife and their children in Whitestile Road, Brentford, Middlesex.

8) Fred Williams (29), labourer, living with his wife Charlotte Pimm (25) and their children in Sunbury Lane, Walton-on-Thames.

9) Charles Williams (72), the head of the above household.

10) George Pimm (66), watchman, living with his wife Elizabeth Penfold (62) and their children in Sunbury Lane, Walton-on-Thames.

11) Antonius Paulus Vittali (32), brushmaker, living with his wife Gerarda Johanna Bakker (27) and their children in Amsterdam.

12) Paulus Wilhelm Vittali (50), chimney sweep, living with his wife Anna Christina Louisa Blok (50) and their children in Amsterdam.

13) Johanna Francisca van Tinteren (74), widow, living in Amsterdam.

14) Johannes Cornelis Bakker (61), labourer, living in Amsterdam.

15) Helena Slokker (46), living with her second husband (soon to be divorced) and her children in Diemen, Noord-Holland.

16) Hendrika Scheer (53), widow, working as a cleaner, living with her children in Blankenham, Overijssel.

17) Johannes Thomas Adrianus Rooijers (54), house painter, living with his second wife, Hendrika Anthonetta Reemer (42) and their children in Haarlem.

18) Reintje de Winter (48), living with her second husband and their children in Zutphen, Gelderland.

19) Simon Hogendoorn (61), retired smith, living with his wife Catharia Groeneveld (49) and their children in Haarlem.

. said...

Here's mine, with a twist. That was fun:)

shelley said...

100 years ago
Great-Grand Father, August C. Bough (1866-1934) resided at 20 Queen Street, Christiansted, St. Croix, West Indies. (now the US Virgin Islands) with his children Arthur ( born 1899) James (born 1905) Ena (born 1907) residence no longer exist, empty lot.

Grand Father, Julius C. Bough (1889-1936) resided at 117 King Cross Street, Christiansted, St. Croix, Danish West Indies (now the US Virgin Islands) as a lodger. Residence no longer exist now a Dry Cleaning Establishment.

Paternal Side:
Great Grandmother- Amanda Matthews (1851-1928) resided at 417-48 South Street, Savannah Chatham, Georgia living with her children Katie Matthews-Stokes (born 1893) Josephine (born 1895) Charlie, (born 1898) William Stokes son-law (born, 1888) No pictures of the residence.