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Treasure Chest Thursday - 1850 U.S. Census Record for Daniel Spangler Family

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is the 1850 United States Census record for my Spangler 3rd-great-grandparents and their family in Sandy Creek, Mercer County, Pennsylvania:

The Spangler family entry:

The extracted information for the family, enumerated on 24 August 1850, is:

*  Daniel Spangler - age 68, male, a farmer, real estate worth $1300, born Pa
*  Elizabeth Spangler - age 54, female, born Pa
*  Rebecca Spangler - age 18, female, born Pa, attended school within the year
*  Loisa Spangler - age 12, female, born Pa, attended school within the year
*  Margaret Spangler - age 10, female, born Pa, attended school within the year
*  George Con [?] - age 11, male, born Pa, attended school within the year
*  Matilda McKight - age 23, female, born Va
*  Elcott McKight - age 25, male, Labourer, born Pa

The source citation for this entry is:

1850 United States Federal Census, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, population schedule, Sandy Creek township, Page 312, dwelling #854, family #901, Daniel Spangler household; digital image, (; citing National Archives Microfilm Publication M432, Roll 796.

I see some small errors in this enumeration:

*  Margaret Spangler was born in March 1841, so she should be 9 years old rather than 10.
*  Matilda and Eliott McKight's surname should be McKnight.

Before I saw this census record, I did not have Elcott's full name - he was usually recorded as W.E. McKnight, but one entry had him as William E. McKnight.  So now I think the E. is Elcott.  It could be Eliott, but there is no apparent dot for the i on the record.

If you look closely on the census page image, you can see that the person above Daniel Spangler is Mary Caringer, age 82.  The previous page was shown in Treasure Chest Thursday - 1850 U.S. Census Record for Henry Carringer Family.  Rebecca Spangler married Jackson Carringer in October 1851.  Two other Spangler females from this Spangler family married Carringer males from the Henry Carringer family before 1850.  The two families lived in close proximity to each other, if not "next door."

I don't know who George "Con" is.  The name could be Core, Care, Case, Corr, who knows!  Ancestry indexed him as George Corr.  He could be a grandson of Daniel Spangler by a Carringer also (there is a George C. Carringer born 1839 to Joseph and Anna Maria (Spangler) Carringer).  

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