Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wall Street Journal Article Features Genealogy!

I was pleased to see the article "When a Genealogy Hobby Digs Up Unwanted Secrets," by Sue Schellenbarger, in the Wall Street Journal newspaper dated 15 January 2013.

The second headline of "Some One in Five Find Unsavory Ancestors; How 'Sausage King' Got Rid of Wife" was a little "different," but it does persuade the reader to continue reading, I guess.  I loved seeing Dr. Jean Wilcox Hibben and several other well-known genealogists quoted and their pictures displayed in the article.  Here's a view of the first online page:

Those are Jean's eyes peeking over the bottom of the screen.  Ron Arons photo, and his family story, are also highlighted in the article.  Besides several pictures, stories, and quotes from several genealogists, there is a four minute video on the web page featuring Heather Quinlan and Sue Schellenbarger that is worth watching.  

Articles like this appear in the national press on occasion, and it's almost always a positive thing for genealogy.  

I wanted to print out and save the article so that I could share it at the next society meeting, so I put the URL for the article in, and saved the article, with the photos, as a PDF.  I can print it out and pass it around later this month.

Sue Schellenbarger wrote a WSJ blog article today titled "'Grandma Did What?' Digging Up the Roots of Family Lore."

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Sharon said...


Wouldn't printing out and distributing a copy of this article at your meeting infringe on WSJ's copyright?

Cormac said...

Did you notice that the article's author misspelling of the NGS? They wrote it as the National Genealogy Society instead of the National Genealogical Society.