Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 0 at Jamboree! Geneablogger Name-Dropping Edition

It's been a full day for Linda and me, me took the 9:25 AM Amtrak train from San Diego, and arrived at Burbank station at 12:45 PM.  We checked in at the Marriott Burbank Airport and went to the hotel restaurant for lunch.  Linda went to the pool, and I went to the lobby to hunt for genea-bloggers.

Elyse was the first one I saw, and quickly saw Mark Olsen, Daniel Horowitz, Cyndi Howells, Leland Meitzler, Paula Stuart-Warren, Paula Hinkel,  and then I lost track.  I got the laptop and read my blogs in the blogger lounge (the area by the breakfast bar with free wi-fi) and got talking to Charley Warthen of the North County society in Carlsbad about DNA and more.  I went at 5 PM to help Diane and Ken unload the SDGS books for sale, load them on the dolly and take them into the exhibit hall for the SDGS exhibit.  Then I met Linda in the lobby (she was talking to genea-blogger Donna Peterson) and we went to the hotel bar and sat with Denise Levenick, Lisa Alzo, Kathryn Doyle, Diana Edwards, Lavinia Schwarz.  and Kim Cotton.

Our friends, Dennis and Gloria Maness, were in the lobby, and we sat with them and talked for awhile, then Linda and I went off to the Jamboree registration area at 6:45 PM, and back to go out to dinner at Outback with them.

After we returned for dinner, I took the laptop down to the Blogger Lounge and am sitting here with Elyse, Cheryl Palmer, Gini, Steve and Emma Webb doing ...blogging and talking.

Not a very exciting day, except for the glimpse I had of Henry Louis Gates, who was here for the Family History and DNA Conference, who was walking through with CeCe Moore.

Tomorrow is the JamboFREE activities in the morning - I'll probably go to Connie Moretti's talk in the morning about doing a WDYTYA program for her local society, and then to the Genealogy World Roundtables.  Linda volunteered to help at the registration desk.  The Exhibit Hall opens at 12 noon, and the first presentation is at 1:30 PM (I think!).  I'll try to report on my Friday tomorrow night.

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