Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: "Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors" Special Magazine

Moorshead Publishing (Internet Genealogy, Family Chronicle and History Magazine) has gifted me with a digital copy of one of their excellent special magazines - "Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors:" 

The publicity for this magazine says:

Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy are pleased to announce our latest special issue in our continuing Tracing Your Ancestors series. If you are researching your ancestors in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russian and Ukraine, our expert authors have provided up-to-date and information on resources that will assist you in your research."

The Table of Contents for this 84 page special magazine is:

*  page 6 -  10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Eastern European Research, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 12 - Using Maps & Gazetteers, by Dave Obee

*  page 20 - Online Resources for Researching Eastern European Ancestors, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 26 - Meet Your Matches: Helpful Tools from, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 29 - Top 10 Websites for Researching Your Polish Ancestors, by Lisa A. Alzo

*  page 35 - Finding Polish Records Online with Geneteka, by Donna J. Pointkouski
*  page 38 - JRI-Poland Expands Access, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 43 - Online Hungarian Research, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 47 - Researching the Hungarian Census, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 52 - Start Researching Your Czech Ancestors, by Scott Phillips

*  page 58 - Five Great Sites for Researching Your Slovak Ancestors, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 65 - Researching Your Ukrainian Ancestors, by Matthew Bielawa
*  page 71 - Researching Russian Ancestors, by Rick Norberg
*  page 75 - Benefits of Joining an Ethnic Genealogical Society, by Lisa A. Alzo
*  page 81 - Five Simple Ways to Share Old Favorites, by Lisa A. Alzo

Each of these articles discusses the topic in general and specific terms, and often provide lists of online or repository records with very useful information.  The emphasis of this special magazine is online websites and databases.

This special magazine should be very useful for genealogists and family historians just starting their Eastern European research, and for experienced researchers who have been away from the topic for several years.  

The "Tracing Your Eastern European Ancestors" special magazine can be ordered for $9.95 (US) plus $4.50 shipping (PDF download is $8.50) at 
84-pages.  The magazine, along with other books and magazines, can be ordered at their Book Store (

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Copyright (c) 2013, Randall J. Seaver

Disclosure:  I was provided a digital copy of this special magazine and was asked to review it.  The gift does not affect my objective evaluation of this magazine.

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