Thursday, October 17, 2013 Provides List of Their Online Databases

In my post Finding Record Collections for Free Searching last week, I wondered if there was a list of the database that said they searched.  

 Cliff Shaw, the founder of, provided links to the list of databases to me yesterday in email and encouraged me to share them with my readers:  Here is Cliff's information:

"As of right now, there are 108,000+ databases hosted on Mocavo. You can see this here: (there is overlap between the categories on that page since a database can be tagged multiple ways - but there are more than 108,000 completely unique databases.

"We also built these views for you:

"You asked how we'll add 1,000 databases per day. I guess I'll just say that we're very ambitious, finally hitting our stride, and beyond determined that there's limitless content that deserves to be brought online, free forever."

Here is a screen shot of the "All Databases" page:

Over 109,000 databases!  The order of the databases is not known to me.  Perhaps it is from the first one added years ago.  Or not.  I haven't gone through all 109,000 of them to see.

The "Records Added Today" page:

Over 1,000 databases were added today, just as they advertised.

The "Records Added Yesterday" page:

Over 1,000 databases were added yesterday too.

The "Records Added in Past Seven Days" page:

Over 7,000 databases were added during the past week.

These lists will be very helpful to researchers.  A researcher can see up to 100 databases at one time on these pages.

A look through today's list of newly added databases shows that they are mostly relatively small databases - town reports, college directories, historical society directories, interviews, personal histories, etc.

Unless a researcher finds a specific record of interest, it is probably best to search (for free) using a specific name and a location to narrow the search to a number of databases.  You can search in a specific database using a name or you can browse (page by page) in a specific database.

Many of these databases are unique online - there may not be another online source for them.  They are items that might be found in a local or regional library or historical society.  As such, they are very valuable to researchers, but you will have to patiently find the genealogy gems hiding in the database pile.

The recent Mocavo announcement said that they are using over 500 servers to store these record databases.  I can see why!

I am impressed by Cliff Shaw's optimism and determination that they are "...beyond determined that there's limitless content that deserves to be brought online, free forever."

Thank you to Cliff and the Mocavo team for bringing all of this content online, and I hope that it continues.  I look forward to searching for my elusive ancestors in these collections.

Copyright (c) 2013, Randall J. Seaver

Disclosure:  Mocavo provided me with a complimentary Mocavo Plus membership two years ago and I appreciate their generosity.  This has not affected my objectivity in reporting on Mocavo's capabilities and resources.

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