Sunday, December 29, 2013

An Instant Classic: "Tired of Your Family..."

James Tanner wrote "Tired of your family?  Divorce them, and choose an entirely new one" on his Genealogy's Star blog on Friday, and it is the funniest genealogy blog post I've read this year.

If you missed it in the weekend activities, I urge you to go read it and laugh.  My brother and sister-in-law and my wife even laughed out loud when I read it to them.

Unfortunately, James neglected to add links to sign up for his "Family Blaster" program and his "Advanced Super Premium High Value Program" which includes the "Impressive Family Lines" catalog.

Ever since I read it, I've been thinking of ways to graft one of my ancestors onto online family trees.  Heh heh, I'm not going to spill those beans!  The easiest way to accomplish this would be in the unified trees like on Geni and FamilySearch.  It would take a lot more work to add families to an Ancestry Member Tree or some other online family tree system with separate family trees.

Would anyone ever notice?  It might be an interesting study to see how long it takes for someone to find it and correct it if there was no publicity about it.  Someone with money could offer a prize to find the "lump of coal" in the family tree.

Let's help James out here ... whose family tree do you think should be included in James's "Impressive Family Lines" catalog?  James mentioned these famous people:

*  Adam
*  Elvis
*  Kings of Europe
*  Tom Hanks
*  Harrison Ford

I would suggest the following:

*  Barack Obama
*  George W. Bush
*  Lady Diana Spencer
*  Winston Churchill
*  Walt Disney

90 more to go... who do you suggest?  Put them in comments and I'll add them to this list!

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Sonja Hunter said...

How about:
Isaac Newton
Leonardo da Vinci
Marie Curie

James Tanner said...

Thanks for the kind words. I thought I was being serious.

Unknown said...

Nelson Mandela