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Tamura Jones' GeneAwards 2013 and Genealogy Events 2013 Posts

1)  Each year, Tamura Jones names best and worst genealogy products, websites, technology, software, etc.  The GeneAwards for 2013 were announced on 1 January 2014 in GeneAwards 2013 on his Modern Software Experience website:

The 2013 GeneAward winners include:

*  Best Genealogy Product of 2013:  RootsMagic 6
*  Best New Genealogy Techology of 2013:  LegacyTec 
*  Best New Genealogical Organisation of 2013:  Project 1950
*  Best New Trend of 2013:  Single Cross-Platform File Format
*  Best New Feature:  RootsMagic Problem alerts

*  Worst Genealogical Organisation of 2013:  USA Senate 
*  Not-So-Special Recognition 2013:  Vapourware Award: AncestorSync and SourceTemplates

Taura has published these awards for earlier years in GeneAwards 2012, GeneAwards 2011, and earlier years.

2)  In addition, Tamura posted Genealogy 2013: Events and Trends on 31 December 2013, which is a history of the genealogy industry for 2013.  

There are sections for:

*  Industry and Technology:
**  Web and mobile
**  Browsers

*  Industry Developments:
**  Takeovers and Acquisitions
**  Collaborations
**  23andMe
**  SSDI
**  MyHeritage
**  FamilySearch
**  Mocavo

*  Software
**  Mobile Apps
**  Personal Ancestral File
**  MacFamily Tree 7
**  RootsMagic
**  Legacy
**  Heredis
**  New Family Tree Maker
**  Family Tree Maker World Express
**  WikiTree
**  Chronoplex My Family Tree 3.0
**  Clooz 3
**  Relative History
**  Plus Genealogie
**  YouWho
**  Single Cross-Platform File Format
**  3D Gravestones

*  Standards
**  SourceTemplates Initiative

*  Netherlands
**  WieWasWie
**  Vele Handen
**  Genealogie Online

Tamura has done an excellent job of recapping the genealogical industry events of 2013, and added comments about each of those topics.  Be sure to read the entire post for context and information.

Readers might also be interested in Tamura's posts on Genealogy 2012 and Genealogy Trends 2012  published at the end of 2012, and there are posts for earlier years also.

I don't recall seeing a similar yearly recap of genealogy events and trends by any other genea-writer or company.  For those interested in a history of the development of the genealogy industry, these posts have significant value.

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Janet said...

That's a great overview and the Mocavo analysis is very convincing. I think he's right about Mocavo not being a search engine but an Ancestry-wannabe. And couldn't agree more on the choice for Worst Genealogical Organization of 2013.