Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Best of Genea-Musings" Posts of 2013

I wrote about 915 posts during 2013, and it is a challenge to pick out the ten or twenty "best" from the list.  I'm going to ignore the daily meme posts of Amanuensis Monday, Tuesday's Tip, Wordless Wednesday, Treasure Chest Thursday, Follow Up Friday, Surname Saturday, Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, and Best of the Genea-Blogs, and try to pick them based on my subjective criteria of relevance to my research, and relevance and interest to the genealogy industry.

My selections for the Best Genea-Musings Posts of 2013 are (in posting date order):

*  "What Do You Do With a Document for a Potential Ancestor?" (posted 15 January 2013)

*  Dear Randy: What Record Collection Would You Like To Have Indexed? (posted 1 February 2013)

*  Top Ten Characteristics of a Good Genealogist (posted 26 February 2013)

*  Education, Collaboration, Crowd-sourcing and Cat-herding at CVGS Today (posted 13 March 2013)

*  Dear Randy - Why Does LDS Church Exert So Much Control over Genealogy? (posted 29 March 2013)

*  Breaking Down the Mary Smith Brickwall (or is she a Bell?) (posted 1 April 2013)

*  Dear Randy - Why Do You Post Your Own Genealogy Stuff? (posted 12 April 2013)

*  Is FamilySearch De-emphasizing Genealogical Research? (posted 18 April 2013)

*  Dear Randy - How Do You Handle False or Wrong Information?  (posted 30 May 2013)

*  Beginners, Professionals, Sources, Citations, EE, and More (posted 24 June 2013)

*  Have You Posted Your Genealogy Research on the Internet? I Practice PMGDOE! (posted 19 July 2013)

*  How Much Online Information Should I Use In My Family Tree? (posted 23 July 2013)

*  My Top Ten Most Useful Online Genealogy Databases to Research My Family Tree (posted 29 July 2013)

*  Standards, GEDCOM, FHISO, and my Genea-Fantasy (posted 1 August 2013)

*  Dear Randy - Where Did You Get All of Those Probate Records? (posted 14 August 2013)

*  It's Really Not That Easy! (posted 28 August 2013)

*  The Problem with FamilySearch Family Tree - For Example: Thomas Dudley (1576-1653) (posted 2 September 2013)

*  Gleaning Information From a Record or Article (posted 14 October 2013)

*  What Should Genealogical Societies Offer? My 11 Suggestions (posted 13 November 2013)

*  Dear Randy - How Do You Do Your Record Transcriptions? (posted 27 November 2013).

*  Dear Randy: "What Is Your Naming Convention for Downloaded Documents?" (posted 17 December 2013)

That's the list!  Did you miss any of them?  If so, please go read them and make a comment if you wish.

Which one is your absolute favorite?

If you have a genea-blog, what were your best genealogy blog posts for 2013? 

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