Thursday, December 5, 2013

RootsMagic 6 Update - Adds Source Citations to Pedigree Charts

I saw Bruce Buzbee's social media item on Google+ today that RootsMagic 6 had been updated (to Version  - adding source citations to pedigree charts and the ability to share Notes to FamilySearch Family Tree.  These are both welcome additions!

I updated RootsMagic 6 to the latest version, and then created a Pedigree Chart with source citations.

1)  From the "Family" View screen for myself, I clicked on "Reports" menu and selected "Pedigree Chart" from the dropdown list:

The "Report Settings" dialog box opened, and I could check the box to "Include sources" (to the left of the "Color coding" box):

 2)  I clicked on the "Generate Report" button on the screen above, and saw the five-generation pedigree chart (color-coded, with source citations):

Each person's name, and each vital record date, with a source citation has a superscript source citation number at the end of the name or date.

My five-generation  "Pedigree Chart" now has 8 pages - one for the chart and 7 pages of source citations.  Here is the top of page 2:

The source citations are presented as Endnotes.  Each Endnote may have more than one source citation included.  If there is more than one, then they all run together.  It is difficult to determine where one ends and the next begins, and it's difficult to tell how many citations there are in each Endnote.

On the screen above, Endnote 1 for my name has 3 source citations;  Endnote 2 for my birth has 3 source citations.  Endmote 4 for my father's name has 5 source citations.

I was concerned that the font on the Pedigree Chart for the superscript Endnote was too large.  The user can go to "Fonts" in the "Report Settings" dialog box and choose a smaller font size of "Chart Labels."  I made the "Chart Labels" set at 8 and it looks better:

3)  My preference is that each source citation be separated from the others in one Endnote - perhaps by using a blank line between each citation.  That would make the Endnotes more readable and understandable.  It would add length to the report, but that doesn't matter much to me - I don't usually print them out - I save them in my computer file folders and pass them to correspondents as a digital file.

Another good use for having source citation superscripts on the Pedigree Chart is to see what Names and Events don't have a source citation.  Until recently, I did not attach sources to Names, but now I can see if I've done it to my ancestral persons.

I like the addition of the superscript source citation feature to the RootsMagic 6 Pedigree Chart, and appreciate the addition.

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Lisa S. Gorrell said...

I made the report also and found the citations are separated by a period. I then wondered if there was a way to select to have only one or two citations print out in reports but I couldn't find a way to do that. I think that would be a useful feature. I have citations that were found earlier in my research (ie indexes) and since then have found better sources. Aside from deleting them, it would be good if you could select to not print them in certain reports. Do you know of a way?