Friday, December 6, 2013

Michael Hait Publishes Version 3.0 of His eBook, Online State Resources for Genealogy.

Michael Hait emailed me today with the announcement of the revision of his book, Online State Resources for Genealogy, Version 3.0.

I am pleased to announce that my popular ebook Online State Resources for Genealogy has once again been updated, and version 3.0 is now available for purchase.

The Online State Resources for Genealogy ebook was originally released in January 2011, containing links to online record indexes and images. Unlike many resource guides the focus of this ebook is on those websites that contain record indexes and images but are not genealogy-based sites. You will not find references to, FamilySearch, U. S. GenWeb, or Find-A-Grave.

Instead you will find links to resources found on the websites of state and county archives, county clerks, historical societies and museums, university libraries, public libraries, and others. These sites contain many records that have never been previously digitized or made available online. Many of these have never even been microfilmed.

In its 1,100+ pages, Version 3.0 provides information for over 600 repositories, containing over 9,000 links! In addition to the new links, all of the previously listed links have been verified and updated when necessary. I have also introduced two new chapters to accompany the individual state chapters, focusing on National and Regional sites.

To purchase version 3.0 of Online State Resources for Genealogy, visit

I would also like to announce the debut of a companion blog, also entitled Online State Resources for Genealogy. This blog will explore one or two individual resources from the book each week. Subscribe at and expect the first post later today.


This is a very useful book, especially for those researchers who are looking for information in local, county, state, regional and national libraries, archives and historical societies.  Digital resources are added continuously by libraries and archives, and this book provides links to the repositories and their holdings.

Once a researcher has exhausted online genealogical resources on websites like and FamilySearch, then repositories like the ones in this book should be searched for digital sources of published or manuscript information about their ancestors.  However, the researcher's task is not finished - much more research material may be held in a non-digital format, and the catalogs at these repositories listed in this book may lead you to them.

I reviewed Version 1.0 of this book in Book Review: Online State Resources for Genealogy (posted 3 February 2011) and Version 2.0 in Book Review - Online State Resources for Genealogy E-Book, Version 2.0 (posted 27 August 2012).  Those reviews should be consulted for further information.

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