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Treasure Chest Thursday - Post 194: Death Certificate for Frederick Walton Seaver

It's Treasure Chest Thursday - time to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983death certificate in San Diego county, California:

The transcription of this death certificate is (form fields underlined, handwritten portions in italics):

___________________         CERTIFICATE OF DEATH                 8009          
State File Number                      State of California                         Local Registration Number

1A.  Name of Decedent - First (Given):    Frederick  
1B.  Middle:    Walton  
1C.  Last (Family):    Seaver   
2A.  Date of Death:    May 26, 2983  
2B.  Hour:     2030  

3.  Sex:    M  
4.  Race/Ethnicity:      White   

5.  Spanish/Hispanic:  No
6.  Date of Birth:    October 15, 1911   
7.  Age:     71   8.  Birthplace of Decedent:    Massachusetts   
9.  Name and Birthplace of Father:     Frederick Walton Seaver Sr .- MA  
10.  Birth Name and Birthplace of Mother:  Alma Bessie Richmond - CT  
11.  Citizen of Which Country:    USA   12. Social Security No.: XXX-XX-XXXX
13.  Marital Status:   Married  

14.  Name of Surviving Spouse:    Betty Carringer  15.  Primary Occupation:     Insurance Agent  
16.  Number of Years this Occupation:    24   
17.  Employer or Self-Employed:    Prudential Insurance Co.  

18.  Kind of Industry or Business:    Insurance    19A.  Usual Residence - Street and Number or Location:  825 Harbor View Place
19C.  City:  San Diego
19D. County:  San Diego
19E:  State:    CA  

20.  Name and Address of Informant:  Betty C. Seaver (Wife), 825 Harbor view Place, San Diego, CA 92106
21A.  Place of Death:  Sharp Cabrillo Hospital  
21B.  County:    San Diego   
21C.   Street Address:    3475 Kenyon Street   
21D.  City or Town:    San Diego    
22.  Death was Caused By:  (a)  Acute cardiovascular accident - 10 min
                                          (b)  Arteriosclerosis - 5 yrs
                                          (c)  Carcinoma of prostate - 5 yrs
23.  Other Conditions contributing but not related to the Immediate cause of death:   [blank]
24.  Was death reported to coroner?:    No  
25.  Was Biopsy performed?:    Yes  
26.  Was autopsy performed?:    No  
27.  Was operation performed for any Condition in items 22 or 23?  Yes - Prostatectomy  Date  2-6-83

28A.  I Certify that death occurred at the hour, date and place stated from the causes stated:  Attended Decedent since:  Yes  5-24-83    I last saw decedent alive:  5-26-83  
28B.  Physician:  Robert Delaval M.D.  
28C.  Date Signed:    5-27-83   
28D.  Physician's License Number:  A11025
28E;  Type Physician Name and Address:  Robert E. Delaval, M.D., 2850 6th Ave. #105 San Diego  CA   

36.  Disposition:    CREMATION
37.  Date:    May 27 1983  
38.  Name and Address of Cemetery or Crematory:   Leneta Corporation - El Cajon CA  39.  Embalmed's License:  Not Embalmed  
40A.  Name of Funeral Director:  The Telophase Society
40B.  License No.    1272  DDF   
41.  Local Registrar:  Donald G. Ramers  M D
42.  Date Accepted by Registrar:  May 27 1983  

The source citation for this death certificate is (using the Evidence Explained template for a Death Certificate, local level):

Frederick Walton Seaver, Death Certificate, Local Registration No. 8009 (1983), Registrar of Vital Statistics, San Diego County, California.

I see no known errors on this death certificate.

This death certificate was obtained by me after 27 May 1983 from my mother, who received it from the County Registrar of Vital Statistics.

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