Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Added Hundreds of FamilySearch Collections Today

i posted Breaking News - Ancestry Expands Groundbreaking Collaboration with Family Search yesterday about the new collaboration between and FamilySearch, and it appears that hundreds of new databases were added to today.  The Card Catalog now shows 31,666 databases, including these new North America databases:

I was curious as to where these databases came from, so I clicked on the "Iowa, Select Marriages, 1809-1992" link and the search box for that database opened:

Further down the page, the "About..." section says:

"This collection includes marriage records from Iowa.
You can learn more about this collection at the FamilySearch website."

So I clicked on the link for FamilySearch and the wiki page for this collection opened:

The "Record Description" for this collection says:

"This index is an electronic index for the years 1809 to 1992. It is not necessarily intended to index any specific set of records. This index is not complete for any particular place or region. This collection may include information previously published in the International Genealogical Index or Vital Records Index collections."

I was also curious as to when this collection was added to FamilySearch.  I found that on the FamilySearch Record Collection List page to be 11 October 2012.

An exact search for "seaver" on the database produces 146 matches and the FamilySearch collection produces 144 matches.  Interesting.

I speculated yesterday that the collections to be added to Ancestry from FamilySearch were the International Genealogical Index records - and I was wrong.  So much for my crystal ball!

James Tanner speculated this morning in Observations on Expands Groundbreaking Collaboration With FamilySearch that the Ancestry databases would be unpublished FamilySearch collections.  

Hat tip to Caroline M. Pointer for the tip that the databases were on the site this morning.

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