Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Flipboard Magazine on my iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Tab

After creating my magazine about my mother's life (see Trying Out Flipboard, a Curated Magazine Website/Mobile App for information, and https://flipboard.com/section/betty%27s-life-b5PwyZ to see the magazine), I wanted to add the FREE Flipboard app to my smart phone (iPhone 5s) and my Android (Samsung Galaxy) tablet.  

The two Flipboard apps downloaded and installed easily.  I logged into both of them with my Facebiook account, and they quickly showed me the Flipboard magazine I had created online.

Then I wanted to see what they looked like on the mobile devices.  Here are some images and comments:

1)  On my Apple iPhone 5s (iOS system):  

On the screen above, my "Betty's Life" magazine is shown under "My Magazines."

I clicked on it and saw the Cover page for the magazine:

On the iPhone 5s, you sweep up from the bottom (down arrow shown) to flip to the next page.  Here is one of the pages:

Each article was on its own page on the iPhone.  The photo is as large as it can be in portrait mode.  I can tap on the blog post link and see and read the blog post in my web browser on the phone.  

On the iPhone, I could not make the screen go to landscape mode.  

The photos on the relatively small screen are clear but small.  My wife liked the concept, but had trouble seeing the photos at times and complained about the lack of explanation (which is partially due to my Wordless Wednesday post text).  

2)  On my Samsung Galaxy Tab (about 3 years old):

The Cover page looks like this in portrait mode:

There is the Magazine title superimposed on the photograph and on one of the article titles, plus two more article titles.

One of the pages looks like:

On most of the pages, there is one article with a larger photo (with the article title obscuring most of the photo), and two more articles with a real small photograph and the article title.

I turned the phone into landscape mode, and the Cover page has similar problems as the portrait mode:

Each flip brings a page with several articles, and most of them use the small photograph:

The image above has three articles on the page.

If the purpose is to show images, then the Android app fails in my opinion.

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