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A Family Tree Maker 2014 Source Citation for Anna Sjursdatter's Death Record

I wrote A Source Citation for Anna's Death Record in Voss, Norway on 13 December 2013, using the RootsMagic 6 software program.  Then I crafted a similar source citation in Legacy Family Tree 8 in A Legacy Family Tree 8 Source Citation for Anna Sjursdatter's Death Record on 16 January 2013.  I said that I would try to craft a source citation for this record  Family Tree Maker 2014 so that I could compare the source template results.  

I worked a bit in the Family Tree Maker source template feature in Family Tree Maker yesterday, and crafted a source citation for the death record of my wife's ancestor, Anna Sjursdatter, in Gjelle near Voss in 1826, which I reported finding in Finding Norwegian Church Parish Records in DigitalArkivet Website  (posted 12 December 2013).

The source I have for Anna's death record is an online digital image in a specific book for the Voss parish register on the Artkivverket website for DigitalArkivet Scanned Church Records (http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read).  

The process for crafting the source citation using the Evidence Explained quality source templates in the Family Tree Maker 2014 source template is:

1)  From the person's "Individual and Shared Facts" screen, I highlighted the Death "Fact," clicked on the "New" button on the "Sources" tab " icon, and picked "Add New Source Citation" from the dropdown list:

2)  The "Add Source" screen opened, and since I didn't have this source type already in my database, I clicked on the "New" button and then the "More" button and the "Select Source Template" screen opened:

On the screen above, I selected "Church Records" from the "Source group" list, then selected "Image Copies" in the dropdown "Category" list, and finally selected "Digitzed Online" in the dropdown "Template" list.

3)  I entered the source information (but not the citation detail information) into the "Source" fields that appeared:

4)  When I was finished, I clicked the "OK" button on the "Add source" screen above and the "Add Source Citation" screen appeared:

5)  I filled in the information in the "Citation Detail" field on the screen above.  Then I clicked on the "OK" button and was back to the "Add source" screen and clicked on the "Reference Note" tab to see the completed source citation:

6)  Hmmm, it didn't have the URL in the source citation for some reason.  That's important, I think.  I went back and edited the "Source" tab using "Edit" and moved the URL from the "URL" field to the end of the "Record Series" field.  The resulting "Reference Note" screen looks like this:

The source citation crafted by Family Tree Maker for this record is:

Voss (Vangen) Parish Church (Voss, Norway), DigitalArkivet Scanned Church Records ((http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read), "Voss: 1823-1837, Ministerialbok A12," Deaths and Burials, Page 324, item 93, Anna Sjursdtr of Gjelle (accessed 12 December 2013); digital images, Artkivverket.

This source citation has significant differences to the ones crafted in RootsMagic 6 and Legacy Family Tree 8, including:

* The Website name ("Artkivverket"), which is on the "Add Source" template, was placed at the end in Family Tree Maker for some reason. 

*  There was no template field for the "access date" information, so I added it at the end of the "Citation Detail" as opposed to being on the end of the database name and URL.

The Family Tree Maker 8 templates are well thought out and organized, and I had no trouble deciding which selections to make in Step 1 of the process.  This source "crafting" process enables a researcher trying to deal with an online record item on a page in a digitized multi-volume church register to create a useful source citation, although it is not a perfect EE citation IMHO.

When I was done, I noticed that I had clicked on the wrong Fact in the "Individual and Shared Facts" list, so I clicked on the "Copy" button on the left-hand bottom of the last screen above, and added it to the Death "Fact" and then deleted the Birth "Fact."  Did anyone else see that error in the screens above?  It pays to review your citations after you create them!

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Copyright (c) 2014, Randall J. Seaver  

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Cousin Russ said...


Please Edit that Source (what you showed in the Add Source Screen) and remove the "(http://" (without the "") and see if the URL is in the Reference Note now BUT Look at the Source Screen, with the Citation selected and what is in the Lower Right box, which is the Reference Note, but seen a different way.