Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick Reference Guide: Evernote for Genealogists (Windows and Mac)

I received this notice from Sunny Morton and Lisa Louise Cooke about Lisa's new Quick Reference Guide:

A Genealogy Gems News Release
Dallas, Texas, USA

I’m pleased to share with you two new quick reference guides: Evernote for Windows for Genealogists and Evernote for Mac for Genealogists. Both these 4-page guides are available for purchase in printed, laminated format.

Evernote is certainly the fastest-growing (and FREE) note-taking technology out there, so it’s no wonder that it is incredibly popular with genealogists. If you’re an Evernote user yourself, you’ve likely noticed that there’s a lot of functionality packed into it. However, I’ve noticed that many genealogists aren’t taking full advantage of what Evernote offers.

That’s why I created these “cheat sheets:” quick reference guides that help users immediately harness the Evernote’s power to gather, organize, cite and share genealogy research across multiple platforms. In them you’ll find:

§  Getting Started Checklist
§  Quick Keys to speed up your use of Evernote
§  Specialized Note-taking Actions
§  How to Get the Most Out of Clipping
§  Tips for Maneuvering the Desktop Client
§  Genealogical Organization Suggestions
§  Little Known Search Strategies
§  Source Citation Tips, and Using Reminders

I hope you’ll mention these useful quick guides to your audiences. Feel free to pass along two of my favorite tips for using Evernote in your posts:

1) Create a New Note: When you’re working on your computer and you want to make a quick note of something in Evernote, you can get there with lightning speed by pressing quick keys simultaneously. Windows: Ctrl+Alt+n.  Mac: Command+N. 

2) Instant Note Search: What if you are knee deep in your research and you have a note that you need to quickly reference? Simply press Win+Shift+f (Windows) or Option+Command+F
 (Mac) from anywhere on your computer and Evernote will instantly open with your cursor in the search box ready to type a keyword and search!

Evernote for Genealogists Quick Reference Guides are available at the Genealogy Gems store at www.GenealogyGems.com and for a limited time your readers can purchase them at a discounted price. Attached is a product image of the Windows version of the guide. 

-Lisa Louise Cooke
Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems

Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems teaches genealogists how to use new technologies to discover, organize and share their family stories. Lisa produces and hosts the Genealogy Gems Podcast, the popular online genealogy audio show available at www.GenealogyGems.com, in iTunes, and through the Genealogy Gems app. The podcast brings genealogy news, research strategies, expert interviews and inspiration to genealogists in 75 countries around the world, and recently celebrated its 1 millionth download. Lisa has authored a variety of multi-media materials including the Genealogy Gems Premium website subscription, the popular video series Google Earth for Genealogy and four books: Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy PowerhouseHow to Find Your Family History in NewspapersThe Genealogist’s Google Toolbox and  Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies. She is a sought-after speaker internationally and has partnered with industry leaders like Family Tree Magazine and RootsTech to bring more technologies to more family historians worldwide.


I hope that Lisa can provide her Quick Reference Guides in a PDF format also.  I much prefer PDF to the laminated version because I can save it and keep it on all of my computers and devices, even in Evernote!  Updated:  Lisa's website lists the PDF version also!  Thanks, Russ for finding this, and Lisa for doing it.

These Quick Reference Guides should be a hot seller at RootsTech 2014 in early February, and at future conferences.  

I've had a quick look at the 4-page PDF guide that Sunny provided, and think that it will be really helpful for me.  I have used Evernote sporadically in the past two years, but have not mastered it yet.  I plan to extensively use Evernote at the Family History Library and in classes at RootsTech 2014 next month.  I need to go practice now!

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Lisa Louise Cooke said...

Thanks Russ, I was just about to let Randy know that the digital download (pdf) versions have just hit our store, but you beat me to it. Awesome! We will have the laminated version of the Mac guide in time for Rootstech. And thank you so much Randy for sharing the guides with your readers. Happy Clipping!