Monday, January 27, 2014

RootsTech 2014 is only 9 days away!

There are only 9 days left until the RootsTech 2014 conference begins in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, 5 February 2014.

The first day is the "Innovator Summit" which was called "Devoloper Day" in earlier years.  The other three days, 6 to 8 February (Thursday to Saturday), are the standard "presentations" and "exhibits" days.

A)  Here are several things to be aware of and enjoy if you are staying home and not attending the conference in person:

1.  You can view the RootsTech 2013 video-streamed sessions at  These videos may not be available after the RootsTech 2014 conference.

2.  There will be a number of video-streamed keynote talks and presentations on Thursday through Saturday from RootsTech 2014.  I haven't seen a schedule for these sessions yet, but will post it and the link to watch them live when the list is available.

3.  LDS church members will be able to see video-streamed presentations at over 600 Family History Fairs around the world.  Check with your local ward form ore details.

B)  For those attending RootsTech 2014, here is some useful information:

1.  The deadline for a discount on the all-day pass ($239) for the conference is TODAY, 27 January 2014.  Sign up now or pay more if you decide to attend.  Register online at

2.  The "Innovator Summit" is described at

3.  The Exhibit Hall will be open on Thursday through Saturday, and will have 133 exhibitors - information is at

4.  There are "Official Bloggers" for the conference - see the list at  Yes, I'm on it, and honored to be on it, and plan to write several posts a day during the conference.

5.  See a description of all 120 presentations and workshops on the schedule at

6.  Download the RootsTech 2014 app (for iOS and Android mobile devices) to keep track of your selected presentations and special events at

7.  There are still some computer labs with available seats (the labs cost extra).  See the list at

8.  I haven't received information about the syllabus materials - these usually are provided via email with a web link to registrants.

9.  Drop by the Media Center to say hello to me and some of the other "Official Bloggers."  Did you know that some of them don't come to the Media Center at all?  And some don't write about their experiences at RootsTech.  Strange!  I thought that's what we were supposed to do.

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Suemax said...

Randy, concerning #A3 about LDS FH Fairs - EVERYONE is welcome to attend the fairs or broadcasts, not just LDS members. So check with your local LDS Family History Center and they can tell you if they will be broadcasting the sessions.