Thursday, January 30, 2014

More #GenChats from the In-Depth Genealogist folks

I received this press release from the In-Depth Genealogist folks yesterday:


You Asked for More #GenChats and The In-Depth Genealogist Responded

January 29, 2014; Utica, OH:   2013 has been a whirlwind of excitement for The In-Depth Genealogist. We collaborated with Conference Keeper on #genchat, and it was a great success. We have listened to the participants that were requesting we host more #genchats.  You asked, we are answering.  In 2014 we will be starting #idgchat which will take place on the first and third Friday of the month at 8 pm EST/ 7 CST.

How can you participate?

We recommend using Tchat to follow the chat. It creates a nice conversational stream of tweets that are specific to #idgchat. This way, you can enjoy the conversation and it will not get lost in your Twitter feed. To participate, go to and sign in with your Twitter account. Using Tchat, you will be able to follow the #IDGChat conversation without interference.  Look for us at 8 PM EST on the following dates.

We have the entire year mapped out at  This month we’ve got a Guest Chat with Cindy Freed on Civil War Research on February 7th and February 21st we will discuss the Brick Walls presented in the blog post

The brick wall chats are a collaborative discussion. That will take a few steps to work properly.  Submit your brick wall via blog post or email to by the first friday of the month. Please add “Brick wall for idgchat” in the subject line.  We will compile these into a blog post on the IDG blog and posted the second Monday of the month.  Brick wall discussions will take place on the third Friday on the month, unless otherwise noted (see July schedule).  To get caught up on the ideas generated you can check out our calendar for 2014 #IDGChat can be found at this link:

Remember to follow @Indepthgen, @JenniferAlford and @Tracingmyfamily on Twitter so that you will see all the updates on #IDGChat throughout the year. We look forward to chatting with all of you in 2014!

For more information, please contact Terri O’Connell


This is an excellent opportunity to get real-time advice and help on your brick-wall research problem.  

To participate in this, you will have to have a Twitter account - see - and the recommendation to use Tchat is a good one so you can see the tweets specific to the chat.

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Terri O'Connell said...

Thanks for posting, Randy. The missing part of the email is the calendar. Sorry about that. The full calendar for 2014 #IDGChat can be found at this link: