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NEHGS Has More Archived Webinars and Videos

The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) continues to add resources to its website, www.AmericanAncestors.org.  While this is a subscription/membership site, there are free resources in the Learning Center and there are several free searchable databases.  I am a member, so I can access everything on the website.

The FREE Online Learning Center on the website provides links to archived webinars, recorded lectures, and how-to videos.  There are also articles and subject guides available to read.

The Learning Center page looks like this:

I wanted to see what webinars were offered because I learned, after-the-fact, that David Dearborn had presented one on Saturday, 15 February while I was busy elsewhere.

To find the video webinars, recorded lectures and how-to guides I clicked on the "Watch" link and saw the list of webinars:

The Dearborn webinar is titled "Find Your 17th Century New England Ancestors with NEHGS." The description of this webinar is:

" Learn the basics of researching your early New England ancestors (1601-1700) using NEHGS resources—both onsite and online. Join Senior Genealogist David Dearborn as he discusses key reference works, records, and databases available to NEHGS members and guest users."

I clicked on the video start arrow, and the video started.  It's on a real small screen on the NEHGS site, so I clicked on the YouTube link and the video was on a larger screen:

On the YouTube site, the user can click on the "full screen" icon and watch the video in full screen mode:

This was an excellent "refresher" for me as to the most recent scholarship and the online resources available.  I learned a few things.

The other archived webinars include (links are to the YouTube videos):

*  Ten Steps to Writing and Publishing Your Family History, presented by Penny Stratton (29 January 2014)

*  Get the Most From NEHGS ... From Home!,  presented by Jean Maguire (22 January 2014)

*  Maximize Your AmericanAncestors.org Results - Part II, presented by Andy Hanson-Dvoracek (18 December 2013)

*  Maximize Your AmericanAncestors.org Results - Part I, presented by Andy Hanson-Dvoracek (20 November 2013)

*  Expand Your Research Using NEHGS Online Databases, presented by Ellie Spinney and Sam Sturgis (6 November 2013)

If you have early colonial New England ancestors, these webinars and other videos provide an excellent introduction to researching New England in the colonial period and using the AmericanAncestors.org website to pursue your research.

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